Top Ten Night-Shift Jobs in Canada for International Students


As an international student you get 20 hours per week of work permit which is extended to 40 hours per during semester breaks. But sometime, students prefer to opt for night-shift jobs in Canada owing to their busy schedule during the day.

Here is a list of top ten high paying night-shift jobs in Canada which are quite popular among the international students.

From the climate point of view, these jobs may be a bit challenging, but the best thing about them is, that these night shift jobs are comparatively higher paying.

It means while you can devote your day time towards your studies, you have plentiful job opportunities during night shift. And, that too, with more CAD.

Top ten night-shift jobs in Canada

Here, this is a list of 10 best high paying night shift jobs that you may choose to make a good earning in Canada.

1. Fast food Chain Night-Shift Job in Canada:


Over the past five years, fast food chains in Canada have been growing. Hence, the fast food industry is thriving and is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 3.4%.

Here are top names in fast food chains- Tim Hortons, Subway, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, KFC, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, and Burger King.

Getting job is quite easy as:

They have a very, very big network.

Open 24 by 7

Moreover, this is one of the night-shift jobs where there is no need for special training.

2. Gas Station Attendant Night-Shift Job in Canada:


Then, this is one more popular job for those who love to do night-shift jobs in Canada. Here too, there is no dearth of vacancy. They are also called gas Jockey. Thus, jobs are easily available to those who are found suitable. Here too, you need not to have a special training or certificate. The average gas attendant salary in Canada is 17.55 CAD per hour.

Tasks usually include pumping fuel, cleaning windshields, and checking vehicle oil levels.

3. Bartender Night-Shift Job in Canada:


At number three comes, Bartender Jobs. If you Love engaging with people from all over the world, both in and out of the workplace? You are going to enjoy this job.

As a bartender, you would be at the front line of their operations. Likewise, you will be interacting with guests on a personal level and ensuring they leave the outlet having had an unforgettable experience.

As a part-time worker with very little experience you would be getting somewhere between 16 CAD to 18 CAD per hour. Additionally, these jobs also offer lot of tips besides good wages.

But remember, you need to have a certificate to serve liquor in the bar.

4. Valet Parking Night-Shift Job in Canada:


Do you enjoy helping others and building emotional connections so that people may feel special and welcomed? If yes, then Hotel valet parking jobs offer you such a kind opportunity.

This is one of the high paying night-shift jobs in Canada which offers a very competitive wages.

Clearly, here you are expected, to monitor and maintain safety, security and cleanliness of parking area.

  • Issue appropriate valet parking ticket to the guests
  • Drive cars to the hotel parking and bringing it back
  • The wages per hour is about 18.6 CAD along with high tips
  • For this you should be 18 plus and have driving license

5. Security Personnel Night-Shift Job in Canada:


Next, it is one of the night-shift jobs in Canada which offers a very competitive wages. It is suitable for those who want flexible job timing. Though it does not requires any specific experience, a related training certificate is mandatory to get hired in a security company.

There is large number of industries where you can be posted. Hence, right from a retail store to guarding a business establishment, the placement options are galore.

As far as the wages are concerned a security guard receives approximately 18 CDA per hour.

6. Mail Sorter Night-Shift Job in Canada:


As a mail sorter, your responsibilities and duties include manual processing of mail and operating mail sorting machines. You also sort bulk mail geographically and by postage type, creating batches that move on to the next destination in the sorting and delivery process.

And, as a fresher part-time worker you would be paid about 16 CAD per hour.

Your Wages depends mainly on:

  • Previous mailroom experience.
  • Proficiency with sorting machines.
  • Basic computer proficiency.
  • Outstanding organizational skills.
  • Diligence and attention to detail.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Good dexterity.

Though the sorter job is not difficult, yet it requires a fair amount of concentration and focus.

7. Shipping and receiving clerk Night-Shift Job in Canada:


Next, here is one more night-shift job in Canada which offers a very competitive wages. Therefore, as a Shipping and Receiving Clerk, you help support the provision of retail services.

The Shipping and Receiving Clerk, loads and unloads merchandise, packs and unpacks merchandise, assembles and disassembles merchandise, as well as sets up displays and signage. You prepare transfers for outgoing merchandise, ensure merchandise is logged prior to sending for repairs, and organize time of delivery of customer products. You may order store supplies and merchandise and fill customer orders.

This part time job can give you 17.40 CAD per hour which is quite good when we compare to other day time jobs.

8. Delivery Driver Night-Shift Job in Canada:


The Delivery Specialist will contribute to the success of company in Canada through safely and accurately transporting their product to different locations, verifying and ensuring order accuracy, and interacting with customers and if possible , their sales team.

  • Safely transporting product to and from a specified location, in a pre-determined sequence
  • Loading and unloading product to and from box trucks
  • Verifying order accuracy prior to delivery
  • Verifying and retrieving all carton returns, product returns , and other return items
  • Completing required paperwork (Daily driver logs, Signature of Receipts, etc.)
  • Interacting with customers, sales team, and warehouse personnel on a daily basis

9. Ware House Operators Night-Shift Job in Canada:


The Warehouse Operator is responsible for the accurate receiving and processing of inbound shipments on the afternoon shift. The ideal candidate is customer-focused, has strong attention to detail and works well in a team setting. The Warehouse Operator works closely with multiple internal teams, couriers and external service providers.

The average wages of warehouse operator is 18 CAD per hour.

You are doing:

  • Receive incoming freight including; unloading, checking for and recording damage, receiving in system, notifying interested parties and reporting discrepancies
  • Collaborate with Supply Chain team, couriers and other logistics service providers to resolve issues and improve processes
  • Train in Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Participate in continuous improvement activities

This is high paying job and in most of the cases, even a part-time worker can earn up to 20 CAD per hours.

10. Material Handler – Stacker Night-Shift Job in Canada:


This is yet another night-shift jobs in Canada which offers a very competitive wages. As a part-time Stacker you would be responsible for wrapping and securing skids, troubleshooting minor jams and completing various warehouse duties. In most of the cases the reporting person would be the Warehouse Supervisor.

A fresher with little experience gets about 18 CAD per hour which increases with the skill and experience.

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