The Importance of Study Abroad Consultants: Your true guide for bright career


Study abroad has always been the most cherished dream for students all over the world. The opportunity to get a quality education and subsequent exposure to a well-developed industrial society may prove to be a turning point in the lives of many. So, there is no surprise, when people get ready to put everything at stake to join this bandwagon. The chance to Study Abroad, not only ensures a great learning experience but also paves the way for working in a culture where the talent of individuals is used for growth and prosperity. That’s why it is not just the students but the parents too encourage them to choose a program that ensures their study permit to the country of their choice.

But, choosing a study program in a foreign land with little knowledge about the college and university can prove to be a big stumbling block. The amount of paperwork, lack of knowledge and involvement of a large amount of financial resources may further decelerate the pace on the career path. Indeed, a lot of information regarding the courses, Universities and employment opportunities are available online. A large number of students do explore and collect necessary information. But, the need for an experienced, reliable and professional consultant cannot be ruled out.

Equipped with long experience and much-needed expertise the consultants not only guide in the timely completion of all sort of paper works, but they also help in the selection of the most appropriate study program. It is not just the one, but are many reasons, why an aspiring candidate should choose the right Visa Consultancy firm in order to live his dream of study abroad.

1. End to end solution under one roof

Undoubtedly, because of its sheer experience, expertise and network, a visa consultant provides end to end solution to the aspirants. Right from the profile mapping, preparation for the language proficiency test to the final pre-departure tips,the visa consultant firm guides, supports and extends all necessary help to get the prospect students settled in a desired college or university.

2. Expertise and experience

Just remember the analogy of a doctor, attorney or an Architect, all these professionals are expert in their respective fields. And, have sound experience to address the issue of the client. Irrespective of the amount of knowledge we do have, we all seek their services. And, their advice whenever we are needed. An attempt at self-prescription may land to a very uncomfortable position and can cost a lot of time and resources.

A good experience firm with a team of experts and dedicated staff is well versed in its trade. They know the ins and outs of the process. They are also quite up-to-date regarding rules and regulation formed and updated by immigration offices. Years of experience help them how to make their work done, effectively and within the prescribed time frame. So, seeking the services of an experienced study abroad consultant is always a prudent decision.

3. Profile mapping

When a student makes his mind to pursue his higher studies from a foreign university, he has no idea about:

  • Which college or university is to choose from
  • What course would be most appropriate to match his previous academic records
  • Which city campus would suit his financial resources.

Candidate may collect lot of relevant information from online platforms and would be tempted to do things on his own. Though, this information is quite useful, yet, they have limited effect. The counselling by the consultant firm clear lot of doubles of an aspirant and help them to reach meaningful decision. These real-time sessions help a student to decide the college and education program that would make his study-permit stint successful.

4. Language proficiency test

As it is known to all the foreign bound students that the first and foremost task for a would-be overseas student is to clear a test of English language proficiency. Be it IELTS or TOFEL, a student cannot even apply for the college without clearing this language proficiency test. Here, a seasoned study abroad consultants guides and trains the students to score the desired band and also guides the students on the minimum required band, as a threshold requirement. An aspirant may be aware that different universities and different courses can only be applied if a student meets the requirement of the minimum band prescribed by these educational institutions. Study abroad consultant guide support and trained these students so that aspirants may score required bands in their IELTS Test.

5. Application submission and follow up

Visa application, be it study-permit or PR-visa, involves a lot of paperwork. Which make it not just tedious, but also very challenging for a person who doesn’t have an idea of it. A big bunch of forms and certificates of the candidate is uploaded. And, proper follow up is required to trace the status of these applications. If even a single form, certificate or information goes missing, the application would either be delayed or may even be rejected by the immigration officers. This can only be effectively handled by a professional, experience, visa consultant firm that has the necessary resources at its disposal to get it through. In case of any delay or unfortunate rejection, a visa consultant firm can best use the provision of CAIPS/GCMS notes and can suggest better options.

6. Financial guide

considering the high cost involved in the study abroad program most of the students do prefer to take assistance from one or a financial institute. A student is guided to apply for a safe and low-interest educational loan from a trusted financial institute. The visa consultant firm assists aspirant in his loan application and help him to acquire a letter of approval. Which is an important document in the decision on his study permit.

7. Statement of purpose (SOP) and miscellaneous support

An expert and professional study abroad/consultant assists its client in preparation of an important document, known as SOP. This document is a form of essay supposed to be written by the student. Which describes his purpose of choosing a particular college or university and the reason for selecting a particular course, its future relevance and the plan of the oversea student. As, SOP is the base over which the decision of study-permit hinges, it is prepared under the guidance of the visa consultant team.

Besides these, the study abroad consultants proves to be an immense help to the prospect students both in terms of acquiring study permit and other necessary facilities. Such as, travel insurance, medical certificate, health insurance and arrangement of accommodation in the foreign land. The study abroad consultant also helps the aspiring student to get the required Forex. Which a mandatory requirement before boarding the foreign bound aeroplane. Therefore, it is always advisable to select a professional, experienced and expert study abroad and visa consultant. That can help you in your journey to the dream destination by making it easy, smooth and hassle-free.

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