The Ontario government made a big decision in the interest of workers

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Recently the Toronto Ontario Government has taken a very important decision in the interest of workers. The Ontario government has decided to increase the minimum wage from $16.55 to $17.20 per hour from October 1, 2024. The government is helping 10 lakh workers with this big decision. Earlier, workers used to get very little salary even after working full time. In this context, thinking about the workers, the government has taken this big decision, a piece of special news for the people there.

Earlier workers were underpaid in the context of CPI (customer price Index) thus this hourly wage hike will give nearly the average raise of 1.3%. In 2023, 935,600 employees were working at a salary of $17.20 or less per hour. Now after October 1, 2024, the annual income of an employee working 40 hours will increase to $1,355. The government has taken this big decision of a minimum wage increment based on the Working for Workers Four Act 2024.

Ontario Canada

Benefits of this decision for workers

  • The annual income of the workers will increase and the condition of their families will improve.
  • Ontario will become a great place to live, eat, and work, and people can take full advantage of the opportunities it has to offer.
  • This law will solve many problems for restaurants, hospitals, and working laborers.
  • This decision has been taken to help all those workers who are injured and are unable to work due to some reason. The government has taken this step so that no one can harass these workers.
  • This decision will also improve the economic condition of Ontario and it will become the second most developed city in Canada.

Ontario Canada

How can Cosmo Consultants help you in this regard?

Earlier, international students used to complain that they were not getting opportunities to work in Canada, and with this decision, students will get opportunities in Ontario. The survival of students will also be possible and parents' worries will also be reduced. If students do the following courses, they will never have to face any problems and this decision of Ontario will also benefit the students a lot.

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