What are CAIPS/GCMS Notes?

Some time a visa application gets delayed and we remain clueless. And, at times the visa application is under rejection and a candidate fails to find the true reason. So, if you want to check the real time status of your visa migration application for Canada, or even the status of your work or study visa application, you are at the right place.

Cosmo Consultants is a leading study abroad, study visa and immigration consultants of India. We have over ten years of experience in successful visa and immigration Consultancy. Moreover, our experience and team of experts ensure minimum rejection ratio. We also offer our services to those whose Visa application is either pending or under rejection. Thus, to ascertain the reasons of delay and rejections, we assist our client by assisting them to apply for CAIPS/GCMS notes.



GCMS is a short form of Global case Management system. It has applicants’ case details that IRCC officials use for all migration, study visa applications, works visa applications for Canada. If a person has applied to immigrate to Canada with a PR visa, as a skilled laborer, business/financial backer, or other relative of somebody effectively in Canada and the status of your application is pending – at that point.

So, with our CAIPS notes services, you can acquire a duplicate copy of your immigration file from IRCC. And, we can come to know what has befallen your application up until now.

CAIPS likewise holds data on work permits, study visas and visitor visas. Therefore, we can likewise apply for these reports for your benefit. If your study visa application or visitor visa application is under refusal then CAIPS might help you. Further, we can prepare your case for your re-submission after analyzing the refusal grounds thoroughly. Through CAIPS Notes your Study in Canada dream can be realized.


How to order CAIPS Notes?

Additionally, in case you feel that your application is taking longer than expected time, or you have not heard a single thing from the visa office for a shockingly significant time-frame, at that point you may consider mentioning your visa application to watch that your application is on target..
We have regularly found unexplained deferrals to missing letters or reports. And, the details become clear during the study of CAIPS Notes. For instance, IRCC may have kept in touch with a candidate mentioning extra references, instructive records or language tests. However, the candidate’s location may have changed or obsolete one.
At last if you have some other stress over your application status or progress, or are simply commonly inquisitive concerning what has happened up until this point, at that point you can acquire your IRCC document just to put your psyche very tranquil.

Apply CAIPS/GCMS Notes Canada

Getting your record is modest and simple – you simply need our assistance! You can discover simple to adhere to directions in our application control or download our extensive CAIPS File Check Application Kit which clarifies what we need from you to demand your GCMS notes and how much our services cost. In the event that you actually need assistance, don’t spare a moment to email us at

We will be happy to help you for setting up your application and a total rundown of the documents required. If you want to scrutinize our upgraded services we can evaluate your capabilities at no expense or commitment. Benevolently fill out the Assessment Form, and we will return to you right away with our exact evaluation result.


CAIPS/GCMS notes + Application status and refusal reasons recorded by visa officer. A fee of approx 40 pages will be given (30 CAD).


CAIPS/GCMS notes containing refusal reasons recorded by visa officer+ information about immigration forms , family info, financial information and other supporting documents submitted by you consultant to RCC. (45 CAD).


CAIPS/GCMS notes containing refusal reasons recorded by visa officer+ guidance by expert visa professionals on supporting docs and correction if required to avoid visa rejections for the next time(60 CAD).


CAIPS/GCMS notes containing refusal reasons recorded by visa officer+ interpretation of your application recommendation by visa experts in order to avoid visa rejection next time+ detailed SOP+ free consultation till file processing. (80 CAD).

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