Tips and strategies to go through study visa interviews

Students goes with various phases to get study visa to study abroad. One of the important phases is an interview. In an interview, students will come across the face to face rounds to get their study visa. This interview can be conducted by a counselor of a country or counselor from the embassy of the country where you have applied for your interest lies. There during the interview the counselor’s motive is to ensure that you are a genuine applicant who sincerely wants to pursue his studies in Canada or Australia or their study abroad destinations.

Usually, the interview process is almost common to get study visa for Canada, Australia, Italy and New Zealand.

What are the tips to crack the Interview to get study visa for Canada?

  • Deck up in clean clothes and put mild perfume to sound confident.
  • Don’t get nervousness throws you off track, stay confident and smile.
  • Prepare yourself for personal questions as well, it’s a part of the task
  • Familiarise yourself with history and scope of the university you have applied for.
  • Sit with genuine intention and then answer the questions with full confidence

Now we will discuss some common asked questions and how to answer them.

Why do you want to study in Canada?

This is the most important and common question that has been asked to international students. So, here you can give a short description of the education and research opportunities that are not available in your native country. As a result, this will convince the visa officer you as a genuine person.

How did you find out about this university?

It is the easiest question, Internet is the best and primary source for research on every university.

Why have you opted this university?

Remember to point out basic reasons for choosing the university must be academic advantages. Participation in the research work in the past and learning methodologies of universities can be a great help and reasoning out the decision to opt for the university.

Why you have chosen this course or platform?

So then, summarize your future goals, your past experiences and key requirements for your career buildings.

How you would be supporting this study program financially?

If your parents are paying for it then please share how they would be paying it with documented evidence. If you are taking education provide them, all load details and if any company is sponsoring your education then also provide them all necessary documents.

What would be your plans after graduation?

Try to evade any possibility of being suspected as an immigrant on study visa. Here, you can mention that you are planning to boost your careers and create better opportunities for you. You can also say that you are planning to return to your native country.

Why you want to return home after your completing your studies?

Mention your affectionate towards your home country. Discuss your economic and family as the reason or your return.

Here are some general questions that may be asked

  • Tell me about your course and subjects that you are going to study briefly.
  • What is the commencement date of your course?
  • Do you have any acquaintances  know anyone in Europe?
  • What will be the estimated cost per year?
  • When did you apply for admission and when did you receive the confirmation?
  • Tell me about the state you are going to?
  • What will you do during the off semester or in vacations?
  • How many universities have you applied for?
  • Is the course not available in India?
  • Tell me about your Bachelors Project Work
  • How many subjects are relevant to your Bachelors – Masters?

Remember, that you have to provide all answers in honesty as the visa officers faces are experienced enough to tell whether you are saying the truth or not.

The approval of your study visa application is totally in the hands of Counselor. Thus, make sure that you have researched the country, university and your study program extensively

Once you have given your interview and the consular is satisfied that you are a genuine applicant, he would approve your visa and sent it to be processed.

Hence, You can take the full fledged assistance of the study visa consultants who can provide you the complete life cycle of the approval of the study visa for Canada, Australia and many more such study destinations.

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