Top Reasons to Study in Niagara College


While studying in Canada, besides exploring breathtaking natural surroundings, you always have the advantage of gaining unmatched education experience. With your kind attention, the country boasts of several top-class universities and colleges that are well known for their industry-oriented courses. Similarly, the same is true with Niagara College in Ontario Canada. The college is among the most preferred colleges for international students. Here, this article will offer you the top reasons to study in Niagara College.

All about Niagara College

Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology is located in the Niagara region of Ontario province, Canada. This College has almost 9,500 students enrolled including 1500 international students from more than 60 countries. Additionally, this College provides more than 100 post-secondary diplomas, associate degrees, and advanced level diplomas. Since 1967, when the college was established, it has emerged as a leading institute in education and training. As a result, the college is regarded as one of the most enterprising colleges in Canada.


Undoubtedly, there is a large number of good colleges in Ontario province but, because of its state-of-the-art facilities, and industry-based faculties, Niagara College stands apart. As a result, it is one of the most preferred colleges in Ontario province. So, let’s look into some of the top reasons to study in Niagara College.

Campus bases Courses

This college has two main campuses and scores of partner delivery locations. All these campuses and locations offer unique educational experiences. First, the Welland campus is located in the Niagara region and has state-of-the-art facilities. The college campus has educational programs that are in demand from an employment perspective.

The campus has an applied health institute, Rankin technology center, and Green Automotive Lab. The college also works on environmental sustainability and is a pioneer in numerous developmental projects.

As far as the on-the-lake Campus is concerned, it is situated in the UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve. The major courses are Brewery, Distillery, winery, Vineyard greenhouse, and spa.

Apart from these two campuses, the college has several arrangements in the form of partner delivery arrangements. The centers in Toronto, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and China are famous for their applied education and training arrangements.

Multi-cultural campuses

Niagara College has the reputation of being the leading institute where international students from more than 70 countries study. The college provides a great opportunity for international students to thrive in multicultural settings. Every year more than 20% of students become part of new admission.

Applied Courses

Niagara College offers one more reason to study there. As the courses are more applied and job oriented in nature. Therefore, the students do not face any problems in finding a suitable placement. Its all campuses offer applied jobs and training and make them ready to contribute to the Canadian economy.

Opportunity to explore the Niagara region’s stunning natural beauty


Niagara region is home to Niagara Falls which is also the most visited place in Canada and the US side. Nature opens here with its vivid and vibrant color. So, while studying on either of its campuses students get once in a lifetime opportunity to explore this region.

The Divisions of Niagara College

  • School of Nursing and Personal Support Worker
  • School of Justice and Fitness
  • School of Academic, Liberal, and Access Studies(NLC, WC)
  • School of Environment and Horticulture(NLC)
  • School of Business and Management(NLC)
  • School of Community Services
  • School of English Language Studies
  • School of Media
  • School of Technology
  • Canadian Food and Wine Institute(NLC)
  • School of Part-Time Studies(WC, NLC)
  • School of Trades
  • School of Allied Health
  • School of Hospitality, Tourism, and Sport(NLC)

Some of the Popular Courses Offered by Niagara College Toronto: One of its popular campuses is in Toronto at 22 College Street there. This campus is managed and operated by the Toronto School of Management under the PCPP agreement where PCPP stands for Public college Private partnership. Here the college offers the following graduate and undergraduate programs.

Undergraduate program in Niagara College

  • Business General – 2 years
  • Business Accounting – 2 years
  • Business Sales and marketing- 2 years
  • Computer programming – 2 years

Post Graduate Certificate in Niagara College

  • Hospitality and Tourism Management- 1 Year
  • Human resources management- 1 year
  • International Business Management – 1 Year

Niagara College’s on the lake campus

Niagara College’s on the lake campus is famous for the new-age courses that are in great demand in Canada and the world.

Here is a quick review of the courses offered on this campus that give top reasons to study in Niagara College:

  • Canadian Food and Wine Institute
  • NC Teaching Brewery
  • NC Teaching Winery
  • NC Teaching Distillery
  • NC Teaching Green House
  • NC Teaching Spa

To sum up, Niagara College has been successfully carrying the rich tradition of Canada and playing a vital role in preparing “World and Work” ready graduates. Through its campuses, students are getting the training and education in the program of their interest and passion.

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