Top Ten Part-Time Jobs for International Students In Canada

Part-Time Jobs for International Students In Canada

While studying abroad, the international students do face the obvious challenge to pay off their hefty tuition fee, besides regular expenses of food and accommodation. In order to meet their expenses, international students lay their hands on the part-time jobs available on-campus and off-campus.  Immigration policies and strategies of the Canadian government also encourage these students to take jobs. That would ensure a regular supply of workforce needed in various sectors of the economy.

As a rule, a student of DLI with a Social Insurance number (SIN) is allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during their semester and 40 hours per week during holidays. Here is a list of the top 10 part-time jobs that an international student can take up during his study period in Canada.  

It not only provides much needed financial Independence but also helps to be industry-ready.

1-Teacher Assistant

As a teacher assistant, you are supposed to help the teacher in preparing schedules, class notes, uploading study material on college portals. This is one of the best part-time jobs that do not disturb study-job balance. One can use this exposure in self-learning as one need not leave campus for the job. You Just to be in touch with the college network to know the opening within the campus.

2-Office assistant

This is also available on the campus itself. The various departments of the college are always short of employees. They offer a rich work experience along with handsome pay-outs. The job includes:-

  • taking care of office records
  • keeping an eye on the Inventory of office supplies
  • welcoming the guest
  • attending and answering the phone calls.

3-Sales assistant

As a sales assistant in a local departmental store, the candidate is expected to:-

  • Facilitate the customers in the sales process.
  • Guiding customers to buy the products they need.
  • Billing the products.
  • Keeping records of the sales.
  • Generating various sales and inventory reports.

Student can search these jobs on online portals or just by seeing the vacancy that is generally ostensibly visible at the front door


A bookkeeper is more like an assistant accountant, who is responsible for activities like a recording of financial transactions such as sales, purchase, invoice and reconciling various reports. This is a high paying job that requires a knack for time management and organizational skills. To lend to this job, students should be comfortable with excel sheets and a bit of mathematics.

5-Server/ Bartender

This one of the most popular jobs for students as it has flexible work hours on weekends one may stretch it further. Serving in coffee shops or in a restaurant or in bars, the students also get good tips which generally vary between 10% to 15% of the bill. 

6-Cab driver

If you are a minimum of 21 years old and own a car and smart phone, then working as an Cab driver can be one of the options as a part-time job. This is a most flexible job which also offers you an opportunity to visit a number of places. Weekends early morning and evening are the best time to earn a fair amount of money. The earning as a Cab driver depends upon the number of bookings and frequency.


If you are good at graphic designing, web designing or have a proficiency in writing then these jobs can be yours. In Canada, there are ample numbers of jobs, where freelancers are required. These jobs can be performed by students at their home convenience and provide great flexibility to manage their work-job balance. Some of the freelancer jobs are very lucrative in terms of compensation.

8-Dog walker and pet sitter

This is the best part-time job for those who love dogs and are willing to spend time with them. Being an on-call job, this job is highly flexible and one needs to spend just 30-60 min for a dog walk. One can also get the opportunity as a pet sitter if the owner is out of town for a few days. The earning depends mostly on the number of clients one has.


Suited mostly to the female students, this job is of great value to those who love to remain with children. This job also provides you sufficient time for your study work, when the kids are asleep. The job requires a candidate to pick children from the school bus, prepare meals and stay at home with the children. This job is very flexible and is highly paid in comparison to other part-time jobs.


Canada is home to multi-cultural communities and is always short of the right candidates for jobs of the translator. So, if you are a multilingual and have a good command on both the language, you can be a most sought-after candidate, the student can choose the flexible hours and working place.

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