Top Ten Reasons to Study in Ontario


The most industrially developed province of Canada- Ontario, is also where the most of the Canadian live. Interestingly, this province also host most number of international students and top notch education institutions. Here, we will examine top ten reasons to study in Ontario. And, further explore how study in this province makes a big difference in life.

1-Home to the Top Universities:


Though, The whole Canadian education system is ranked top among the developed nations Ontario houses the more number of top universities of Canada than it has’ any other province. Out of the top ten universities of Canada in QS ranking, five of them have their address in Ontario. University of Toronto, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, Western University and Queen’s University are among the other world renowned educations institutions . As most of these universities are research intensive, nothing can be better than study in one of the institutions.

2-Umpteen Specialist and Vocational Colleges:

Next, Ontario is not just notable for its Universities; the colleges here are equally enjoying the same honor. The presence of colleges that are known for their high standard of education in Ontario makes it a big destination for higher studies. Some of the well-known colleges in Ontario are: Niagara College, Humber College, Centennial College, St. Lawrence College and Lambton College. Likewise, there are other colleges that are equally famed for their quality of education. And, are the genuine reasons to study in Ontario.

3-Diverse and Vibrant Culture:


Likewise, there is just one more reason to study in Ontario and it is the cultural diversity of the province. Every year about half of the international student choose Ontario as their destination of their study. Ontario’s diverse and inclusive culture is visible. It is in the fact that about half of its population is immigrants. And, has first language other than English or French. As a result, you may find students from as many as 160 counties. And, those speaking different languages and celebrating their own culture. Not to mention, for the reason above, it is one of the safest place for the international students.

4-Stunning Natural beauty:

For the nature lover, Ontario is not less than heaven. It offers a vast piece of land and diverse topography to explore. The large number of lakes, vast forest area in the north and numerous national parks attract students and tourists alike. The international students who wish explores the nature along with their education can always think of Ontario as their study abroad destination. This province also boasts of the seat of three great lakes. These lakes offer rare opportunities to the visitor to experience the vastness of these fresh water lakes and interact with one of the seven wonders of nature- Niagara Fall. These all comes as an added advantage of Choosing Ontario as a study abroad destination.

5-Weather for Everyone:


Generally, International students find it difficult to face the sub zero temperature of Canada. Considering the local climate in their home countries the weather in some of the provinces of Canada are quite challenging for them. But, Ontario has everything for everyone. Most of its education and industrial hubs are situated near the US border. Therefore, in the south Canada, the weather here is pleasant during most of the time and has all four seasons. So it comes easy for the international students to survive the harsh climatic conditions in the northern part of country.

6-Better Transport Facilities:

Further, the main concern of the international students is about finding an accommodation near their colleges or universities and looking for the job as near as their accommodation. In order to trade off students generally rely on the province public transport. As the cost of transportation is quite high and the distance between the places are also challenging, a swift and frequent public transport system means a lot to the oversea students. Ontario has very efficient and rapid all weather public transportation system suitable for the international students to commute without wasting their precious time.

7-Great Food and Culture:


Ontario is not less than a land of fiesta and festivals. The diversity of culture has given result to the availability of limitless options for the food lovers. The students of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds do not need to look for the food they like. The presence of Chinatown, Little Italy, Korea Town, Greek Town and many more add more color to already vibrant and vivid culture of Ontario. The Province also has a distinct identity of hosting the largest number of film and art festivals in Canada. For the art lovers it is nothing less than their dream come true. The Universities and colleges also organize various theme based festivals making Ontario as lively as possible.

8-The Path:

The Toronto’s unique subway system is not just a tunnel system connecting distinct locations, it is more than this. Spanning in 30 km of length, and with more than 1200 business establishment, it helps the people to commute easily even when the Toronto faces heavy snow fall. As it connects transit stations, accommodations and hotels, it is always a reason for the international students to think it as one of their reason to choosing Toronto over other educational centers. As mentioned earlier, time and money saving is one of the most important factor deciding their study related goals.

9-Countless part –time and Full time Jobs:


Most of the international students do prefer to take up part time jobs to support their study and living expenses. Ontario, being a hub of Canada manufacturing industry, offers large number of part-time and full time job opportunities. Some students who decide to study in some remote location and far flung areas of sparsely populated area find it difficult to arrange a job. The presence of large number of industries, IT industries and financial centers make it a perfect place for the international students.

10- Easy Immigration policies:

Beside Federal immigration plans, Ontario has its own provincial nominee program (PNP) to support its burgeoning economy. Just like other provinces of Canada, Ontario too work regularly to create places to meet the skilled job requirement of its economy. And, because of its being an industrial and financial hub, Ontario offers more PR related options than any other Canadian province.

Al these reasons make Ontario the first choice among the overseas education aspirants.

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