Top Ten Universities in Ontario for International Students


Why to study in top universities in Ontario

Ontario is the most populous province of Canada where as much as 42% of whole Canada population lives. Likewise it is equally dense in terms of quality education institutions. That is why; Ontario houses half of Canada’s top universities. So, if you dream to study in the top universities then, think of study in top universities in Ontario.

Besides, world ranked universities and colleges, Ontario also support with vast number of job opportunities and immigration possibilities. The big industrial base and economy offers much needed work opportunities and vibrant culture.

1-Algoma University

This university is unique for its very mission to provide and cultivate cross cultural learning between first nations and other communities of the country. Its main campus is in Sault Ste Marie in Northern Ontario and has two more campuses in Brampton and Timmins. Further, this university offers various undergraduate programs in the field of applied arts and science. Accordingly, some of the popular programs are Business, Computer Science, Social work, Geography, History and English. The Institute also offers some short term yet very useful certificate programs of one year and two year duration. This is one of the well known universities among the International Students. And, as a result, international students consist of about 27% its total strength.

2-Brock University

Next, with its main campus at St. Catharine’s Brock university provides more than 120 under graduate, Graduate and PhD programs. It’s another campus is in Hamilton and it is the only university that lie in the UNSCO biosphere region in Niagara region. It is one of the top universities in Ontario International students from more than 100 countries study in one of its campuses. As per the university report, nearly 96% of the students do get jobs within six month of the completion of their education program. Some of the most popular programs are master in business administration, Master in Computer Science, M.Sc. Bio-technology and BBA.

3-Carleton University

Then, this university is a single campus university operates from Ottawa, it offers about 65 graduate and 50 post graduate courses in different streams. Its campus is also famous for providing recourses for experimental learning. In addition to the degree program this university also provides a number of industry oriented Certificate programs. With nearly 14% of International students this university also works on international collaboration with over 30 countries. Some of the most preferred courses are Mater in Business Administration, Master in Computer Science, Mater in Electronics and computer engineering.

4-University of Guelph

Top ranked as the number one university in terms of Students satisfaction, U of G as it is popularly known is also famous for its emphasis on experimental learning. With its sprawling campus of over 1107 acres, this is one of the most research intensive Universities of Canada. The university has student strength of about 29,000 and is also ranked as one of the most innovative institutions in Canada. It provides an array of undergraduate and post graduate programs in the field of humanities, Core Engineering, Computer Science and number one in agricultural science.

5-Lakehead University

Further, this university has two campuses one is at Thunder Bay a while other is at Orillia. It provides about 85 graduate and post graduate courses. In addition to this it has nine main faculties out of which, humanities and social science draws most of the students. Apart from this, Education, Business management and medicine are other popular departments where students show great interest.

6-Laurentian University

This university has its campus in the city of Greater Sudbury, North Ontario and provides opportunities to study in either English or French language. It offers about 107 undergraduate and 33 graduate programs in diverse fields such as Anthropology, Ancient science, Economics, Communication and Philosophies. Additionally, this university lies in the First nation’s area and supports their communication with other communities. The university enrolls nearly 9000 students per year and it has about 7% as International students. Additionally, the University also has collaboration with number of colleges in Ontario for providing degree program in the field of Nursing.

7-McMaster University

This is one of the most research oriented Universities of Canada and has four regional campuses. The main campus is in Hamilton and others are in Niagara, Kitchen-waterloo, and Burlington towns. Among its’ over 33,000 students, 27% are the international students from over 120 countries. Moreover, the university offers educational programs in Humanities. Social sciences, Medicine, Engineering, and Business Studies. Consequently, those who are looking for research programs should definitely explore the options available in this top notch university.

8-Nipissing University

This public funded university is situated in the city of North Bay, North-East Ontario. It is famous for the small classes, one to one student tracking and research intensive programs. Some of the education programs that the university provides are Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Education, Fine Arts, Health Education and Bachelor of Business Administration. The Internship programs help students to gain industry exposure and make them industry ready. Among its 5000 odd students, oversea students also have their presence with about 5%. Interestingly, this university is ranked number one in student related services in Ontario province.

9-OCAD University

It is Ontario College of Art and Design University and has its main campus in 100, McCaul Street, Toronto. It is a one of its kind university offering undergraduate, graduate and research programs for those who want to make their career in the fields of Arts, Designs and media. Likewise, this is the one stop destination for all arts lover and professionals. Some of its most preferred programs are Bachelor of designs in Graphics, Bachelor of Designs in Industrial designs and Bachelor of Arts in Integrated media and Master in Digital Future. About 20% of the students are international students from over 60 countries. Interestingly, the university also offers a large of scholarships to the deserving students across streams.

10-Ontario Tech University

Finally, Ontario Tech University is based in Oshawa, where it has two campuses, one in north and other in down town. This public funded institution extends under graduate, post graduate and research programs to over 10,000 students and is one of the top universities in Ontario. The North campus houses the faculty of Business and Information, Faulty of engineering and nuclear science, and Faculty of health care. On the other hand, faculty of Education and faculty of Social Science had Humanities are in downtown campus. Apart from this, it also has a large number of research labs and research centers. Further, it leads in the “green energy” production list with being pioneer in solar energy, green roofs, and geothermal heat sources.

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