Top ten Universities in Canada for International Students

Top ten Universities in Canada for International Students

The study abroad aspirants, who are planning to go to Study in Canada for higher studies, need to have a close look at the list of top ten universities there. Indeed, the education system of Canada has been constantly occupying the 3rd rank closely after the US and UK. The credit for such a remarkable and consistent performance goes to all the stake holders. So, it includes, the federal and provincial Governments, universities’ autonomous management system along with highly qualified faculty.

On the top of this, the Government of Canada spends about 6% of its GDP on education which is the highest in the world. As a result, the educational institutes of this country occupy the top ranks in the global list of top universities. This article will discuss the top ten universities in Canada for international students with their ranking in the global list.

Furthermore, Canadian education system so unique because of their sheer emphasis on the development of skill oriented course at the college level. For instance, at university, the management council encourages students to go for the research work in the field of their discipline.

In addition to it, the local government goes extra mile in ensuring the safety and comfort of the international students. Owing to the flexible immigration policy and prospects of jobs, it is now, as one of the most sought-after study abroad destination. So, here is a list for international students, who look for the best universities in Canada for their higher studies.

Top ten Universities in Canada for International Students

1. University of Toronto:

Firstly, one of the oldest yet, among the top ten universities in Canada, it stands at 29th rank in the world. In addition, it has been a birthplace of number of path breaking medicinal research that include, insulin, stem cell research, works on lung transplant etc. Based on collegiate system, its colleges are well known in the field of their specialization. Thus, this is one of the best places to study the courses of Industrial relations, International relations. Also, for management courses, it has Rotman school of Management and for engineering, Faculty of applied science and Engineering is the best in Canada.

2. McGill University:

Next, the second most popular university is in Montreal, Quebec province. It offers more than 300 different courses in the field of Engineering, Arts, Medicine, Education and Management. Also, this university is one of the most culturally diverse with the students from as many as 150 countries. It has three main campuses and is the home to the international students who are more interested in research work. Besides, this university gets the highest endowment per student.

3. University of British Columbia:

Next, at 3rd spot of UBC. Its location is in the province of British Columbia. This is the third top rank university of Canada with its campuses at Vancouver and Okanagan. It ranks 51st in the global ranking list and is a home to more than 66,000 students. This university is quite popular among the international students and offers more than 200 master courses, besides 300 odd UG courses. The most popular courses are medicine, applied science; architecture and engineering.

4. University of Alberta:

It is a public university and its rank in the list of top universities is fourth. Its global ranking is as per QS best university list is 113. Situated in Edmonton, it has four campuses with student strength of over 38,000. This university is “comprehensive and research university” as it provides a large number of academic and professional programs. The university also houses over 7500 international students from about 150 different countries. The faculty of Agriculture and faculty of environmental science offer the most popular courses for international students.

5. Université de Montreal:

This University is in French speaking province, Quebec. It is the 5Th Best university of Canada and in QS world ranking, it comes at 113th place. In fact, it has more than 46000 students out of which 9000 odds are International students. This university is very popular among the French speaking international students. Computer Engineering, Deep Learning, Applied science and Architecture are some of the most popular courses of this university. The university offers co-ops and high research program to ensure sufficient exposure in the chosen field.

6. McMaster University:

The campus of this university is in the town of Hamilton, Ontario. This university has research intensive programs and has been constantly winning the most research intensive university award. The students with a knack of research prefer to join it. With its three campuses, this university also hosts a nuclear reactor. This is the second largest reactor of North America and also serves students of Nuclear Engineering, medicine and health science. The student strength is over 33000 and the other popular courses are in the field of Management, Faculty of Health Science, Faculty of social science, and Faculty of Engineering.

7. University of Waterloo:

Next, This University comes 7th in the list of top ten universities. On the world ranking it is on 173rd rank. It has its main campus in Waterloo, Ontario with 3 satellite campuses and 4 affiliated university colleges. Surprisingly, Waterloo University has a unique distinction of hosting the world biggest co-op educational program with the enrollment of as many as 20,000 students. University has strength of about 42,000 students out of which 36,000 are in under graduate programs. Some of the popular academic programs are from the school of architecture and interior design. The university has recently bagged number of awards such as number one university in the experimental learning, number one university in computer engineering. And number two in university impact ranking.

8. Western University:

Furthermore, the public funded research intensive western university is in London, Ontario. It is the part of U-15, a prestigious group of 15 research intensive universities. Their rank is 8th in Canada’s top Ten University. Among International Students, this is more popular for post graduation program. Though, the ratio of international students in under graduate programs is just 9.9%, yet, in PG courses it is 22.2% of the total enrollments. The students’ strength is approximately 30600. There is a dedicated 23% area as students’ accommodation and more than 76% of First year students choose them for their accommodation. Medicine, Business Management, Humanities and Arts are the well known courses of University.

9. University of Calgary:

This is yet another one from famous U-15 of Canada. Also known as U OF C, this public funded university is in the town of Calgary under Alberta province. It ranks 9th in the list of Canada’s best university and also has QS global ranking 233. With its 14 faculties, University is well known for its course in the field if architecture, nursing and law. Moreover, it has special relations with petroleum industries through its department of geosciences which falls under school of engineering. It has over 31000 students and the university has a record of producing large number of students in the field of architecture, city planning and landscape.

10. Queen’s University:

This is one of the top ten universities of Canada, which is research intensive. Situated in the town of Kingston, Ontario, it is well known for the research oriented PG courses.  What is more, Social science and Engineering is the two top most programs popular among international students. It has about 6.7% students as international students in undergraduate courses, and, 21.3 % International students in PG courses. In addition, commerce and management are also very common programs for under graduates.

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