Top Undergraduate Courses to Study in Australia


The Australian education system is well known for its high quality and professionalism. Universities are always very serious about providing a relevant educational experience to students of both native as well as international origin. In this article, we would look at the top undergraduate courses to study in Australia.

Top undergraduate courses to study in Australia:

As mentioned above, Australian Universities are famous for providing career-oriented education. Here is a list of the top undergraduate courses in Australia that are in great demand.

Business and Management


This is the most demanding course in Australia as newly established companies need business graduates to contribute to the growth of their entities. Indeed, business schools in Australia are internationally famous and are largely focused on the global arena, providing and equipping students with a global perspective there are many aspiring business leaders and managers that make business and management the ideal course for international students.

This is a field of study that can lead students to lucrative careers and Australia is one of the best countries in the world for it.

These are some of the specializations that are more in demand.

  • BBA in Finance
  • BBA in Marketing
  • BBA in Supply chain management
  • BBA in Human Resources

Top Universities for Business and Management:

Business Accounting:


The business accounting course aims to develop the technical skills and personal traits a student needs to adapt and thrive in this rapidly evolving profession. Because today’s business scenario is dynamic and challenging, accountants are expected to work with financial technologies, big data, data analytics, and data visualization tools. This is one of the top undergraduate courses to study in Australia.

Consequently, they use figures to tell both the big picture and detailed financial stories. And for that, they use the tools such as lenses like those focused on ethical practices, the environment, and sustainability.

As Accounting never seems to go out of style, this service would always be in demand on both corporate and personal finance levels. While perusing their course the students gain professional status through certified university courses, work experience, and further study. As a result, these qualified accountants often find employment soon after graduating from their course. Interestingly, these graduates find rewarding work in the financial industry commerce, the public sector, or business consulting and public accounting.

  • Bachelor of Commerce - Taxation
  • Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting

Top Universities in Australia for Accounting Courses:

Law studies:


Because of their high quality and internationally prized status, A large number of international students pursue law degrees in Australia. Nearly all higher education institutions in Australia offer law programs; law students are taught logical reasoning, creative problem-solving, and effective communication. This is one of the top undergraduate courses to study in Australia.

Generally, a Bachelor of Laws course takes 4 years to complete. After finishing 10+2 or an equivalent qualification, students can enroll in either a single degree course or a combined degree course. But, take care that the combined degree course takes around five years to complete. Internationally recognized, Australian law degrees are highly sought-after and recognized around the world.

Top Universities in Australia for Law Courses:



These are evergreen courses and are always well in demand. As the country has a large area to explore and every day new company is set up to contribute to the social and economic growth of the company. Therefore, those who study engineering in Australia have peace of mind knowing that they are obtaining a great degree. Thanks to engineers Australia ensures that degrees accredited in Australian universities are equivalent to degrees in developed countries such as the UK, Japan, the US, and, Ireland. This means that those who study engineering in Australia can often take their career globally.

The most popular and well-in-demand engineering courses are:

  • BE- Petroleum Engineering
  • BE- Mining
  • BE-Geotechnical
  • BE- Electrical
  • BE-Civil

Top Universities in Australia for Engineering Courses:

Computer Science/IT


This is one of the most sought-after courses all over the world and Australia is no exception. It has been estimated that 24,000 international students are now enrolled in Australia’s Computer Science programs. On completion, International students who obtain a skilled graduate temporary visa can work for up to three years after completing their studies there. There’s no stopping the advancement of technology, so it’s easy to understand the growing interest in obtaining a degree in computer science to secure a better future. This is one of the top undergraduate courses to study in Australia.

Can you believe that many jobs in the CS industry didn’t even exist as early as 10 years ago? To equip students In Australia, degree courses in computer science typically include software design, algorithms, and programming languages. The demand for CS professionals is constantly increasing. And, as a result of a scarcity of skilled employees with CS and IT qualifications, according to the Australian Computer Society (ACS), there will be an increased demand for computer science graduates in Australia by 2025.

The best CS courses:

  • BCA- Networking
  • BCA- Distributed Computing
  • BCA- Cyber Security
  • BCA- Programming

Top Universities in Australia for computer science Courses:

Environmental Science


Another of the most popular degrees in Australia is environmental science. It typically requires 3-4 years to complete but the degree is generally flexible. Therefore, prospective students should consult with an advisor at an early stage. A student usually requires a relevant bachelor’s degree, such as a Bachelor of Environmental Science, to work as an Environmental Scientist. It is common to complete postgraduate studies in a specific area of expertise.

An environmental scientist work in consulting firms or government departments to research environmental issues. They develop, implement, and enforce regional, state, or federal regulations to conserve and safeguard the environment. This is one of the top undergraduate courses to study in Australia.

Studying environmental science in Australia includes combining natural and social science courses relevant to environmental conservation and sustainable resource management.

Top Universities in Australia for Environmental Science

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