Top Universities to Study Data Science Course in Canada

In this modern era, there is a high demand for data scientists, which is expected to grow over the next few years. One of the chief causes of such a phenomenon is rapid digitalization. For this number of top colleges offer 8–24 month courses such as diploma, bachelor, and Master in Data Science courses in Canada.

Why Study Data Science Courses in Canada

Not to your surprise umpteen undergraduate and graduate degrees in data science and analytics are available to students at Canadian universities. Additionally, you would be attending colleges in one of the world’s most prosperous countries.

For this, you can live at your ease, receive a quality education, and find a place to live in your program country.

According to the Canada Big Data Consortium, the number of data scientists doubled during the previous four years. In fact, in Canada, an entry-level data scientist makes an average yearly salary of 60,000 CAD. There is a big chance that in the next few years, there will be a lucrative chance for around 4 million occupations requiring data science.

Internationally renowned Canadian institutions and colleges offer a PG Diploma in Data Analytics, one of the most sought-after credentials in the STEM field. Additionally, attending one of Canada’s top data science universities can lead to various professional opportunities.

This blog covers the best universities and the course for Data Science courses in Canada.

Data Science Course Overview

Data science is an interdisciplinary field with many applications. The course entails using scientific techniques to identify and comprehend patterns inherent to large data.

Data science is the practice of gathering, storing, and analyzing information that businesses analyze for users to support data-driven decision-making. Based on the information gathered by the company, this program helps in the future analysis of many interdisciplinary fields. It further shares ground with data science or employs some of its methods. For employment opportunities, the course is intriguing and can open doors to various interesting careers.

Admission Process in Data Science Courses in Canada

Here are the steps for the admission process in Data Science courses in Canada: Data science is regarded as one of Canada’s top job-oriented courses.

  • First, the student must decide on the specialization.
  • Fill in the application and pay the required fee.
  • Then, the student must deliver the necessary paperwork to the university.
  • There is a chance that students will be interviewed.
  • They can also search there if the university offers scholarships or financial aid.
  • The university will contact the applicant and extend an offer of admission, probably by email. The student’s acceptance must then be confirmed before they can enroll.
  • After getting the admission offer, the student must apply for a study permit in Canada.

Top Colleges Offering Data Science Courses in Canada

A list of data science colleges in Canada is provided in the table below, along with their courses:

Universities Name Courses Available
McGill University, Montreal MS in Data Science, Master of Management in Analytics
University of Toronto Honors B.Sc. Data Science, Data Science Certificate
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver Master of Data Science (MDS)
Queen University Master of Data Science and Machine Learning (MSc)
Langara College, Vancouver Post-Degree Certificate in Data Science, Post-Degree Diploma Data Science
University of Waterloo Data Science Certificate Program, Bachelor of Computer Science in Data Science, Bachelor of Mathematics in Data Science
HEC Montreal, University of Montreal M.Sc. in Data Science and Business Analytics
University of Calgary Graduate Certificate in Data Science, Graduate Diploma in Data Science, Professional Master’s Degree in Data Science and Analytics Program
University of Ottawa Dual fast-track degree B.Sc. in Mathematics, B.Sc. in Computer Science (Data Science).

McGill University, Montreal


Course Available

  • MS in Data Science
  • Master of Management in Analytics

Course Description

Recent graduates with quantitative skills and a keen interest in analytics are ideal candidates for the Master of Management in Analytics degree. Applications are encouraged from people with technical know-how, computer savvy, and experience in a relevant field (such as engineering, computer science, statistics, or business).

Job Roles after the Courses

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Integration Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Reporting Specialist
  • Solution Architect

University of Toronto


Course Available

  • Honors B.Sc. Data Science          
  • Data Science Certificate  

Course Description

This course is for you if you wish to work in the expanding field of data science and have some prior knowledge and expertise with fundamental programming. You’ll discover ways to support businesses using the volume and variety of data they possess or can access online.

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver


Course Available

  • Master of Data Science (MDS)

Course Description

The Master of Degree program was developed by the Computer Science and Statistics departments at UBC using their combined expertise to help satisfy the rising demand for data scientists by turning out qualified professionals who can turn data into information.

Queen University


Course Available

Master of Data Science and Machine Learning (MSc)

Course Description

The Queen’s School of Computing’s Master of Data Science and Machine Learning responds to the rising need from top technology businesses, organizations, automakers, research facilities, and government graduates with a background in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Langara College, Vancouver


Course Available

  • Post-Degree Certificate in Data Science
  • Post-Degree Diploma Data Science

Course Description

Both programs give students a chance to practice handling data using software commonly used in the industry and plenty of chances to improve their soft skills to articulate their findings successfully.

University of Waterloo


Course Available

  • Data Science Certificate Program
  • Bachelor of Computer Science in Data Science
  • Bachelor of Mathematics in Data Science

Course Description

At Waterloo, you can major in data science and take courses in computing systems, data analytics, database management, statistics, statistical and machine learning, and foundational mathematics like algebra and calculus. There will be opportunities for practical learning experiences and instruction from experts in this developing sector.

HEC Montreal, University of Montreal


Course Available

M.Sc. in Data Science and Business Analytics

Course Description

You will learn the skills necessary to master analytics and data science, one of the most difficult management challenges in the era of digital technology and artificial intelligence. You’ll learn the abilities you need for improved decision-making, increasing your capacity for innovation and competitiveness.

Job Roles after the Course

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Director of Operations
  • Applications Analyst

University of Calgary


Course Available

  • Graduate Certificate in Data Science
  • Graduate Diploma in Data Science
  • Professional Master’s Degree in Data Science and Analytics Program

Course Description

The trans-disciplinary Science and Analytics program offers the opportunity to earn a graduate degree while completing an internship.

University of Ottawa


Course Available

Dual fast-track degree B.Sc. in Mathematics and B.Sc. in Computer Science (Data Science).

Course Description

In this course, students will receive hands-on experience via multiple projects and a Data Science Laboratory. You can get practical work experience in your subject of study through the Co-operative Education (CO-OP) Program while earning your degree. This course is offered in both French and English.

Canada is home to some of the top universities in the world offering world-class data science courses that can help you build a successful career in this growing field. If you’re a student interested in studying data science in Canada, then Cosmo Consultants can help you explore the top universities for your study abroad dream. So, contact us today to learn more about the top universities to study data science in Canada.

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