Victory of Labour Party in UK General Election 2024- Changes in education & immigration policies that impact on international students.

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The Victory of the Labour Party in the general election of the UK 2024, will have major changes in the field of education & immigration policies that will significantly impact international students. As the UK is the prime destination for overseas education due to its high-quality education provided by the world’s best universities, like Cambridge, Oxford, etc., these changes aim to balance the workforce with continuous education.

The Changes in Education Policies impact on international students

In the field of education, the Labour Party has focused more on the collaboration of universities with companies that will help students secure their future after completing their degree. This will reduce the cost of unemployment in the UK. They have also replaced the short-funding cycle for key research and development institutions with 10-year budgets for key research and development institutions, which will help to achieve stability and foster long-term partnerships with industries. The idea behind these changes will make the UK more attractive for international students to pursue research-oriented programs.

The Labour Party aims to enhance the learning environment while including updated laboratories, libraries, and lecture halls equipped with the latest technology, providing a more conducive learning environment for all, including international students. They will also work in the area of Campus Amenities, such as student housing, recreational areas, and health services for a better quality of life for international students, which makes their study abroad experience more comfortable and enjoyable. They will also work to enhance the support systems, including academic advice, mental health services, and career counseling that help international students receive comprehensive support throughout their studies.

Labour’s policies include financial aid packages that individual universities offer for international students and many more scholarship opportunities like merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and financial aid that will help to reduce the cost of studying in the UK for international students.

The Changes in Immigration Policies impact on international students

The Labour Party aims to lower these salary thresholds, which will provide more opportunities for international students to secure employment in the UK, these kinds of changes will lead to the understanding that the salaries of recent graduates, especially in certain sectors, may not meet the current thresholds. Lowering these thresholds helps graduates more easily qualify for a Skilled Worker Visa as they need to gain valuable experience in the UK.

The Labour Party will work in the field of career opportunities and they will provide more job opportunities for international students. While lowering these salary thresholds, the UK UK can be a more attractive destination for studying abroad. This significance also impacts employers, now the employer can hire talented international graduates without the constraint of high salary thresholds. This will help small and medium-sized enterprises to hire skilled workers with wearable salaries.


The victory of the Labour Party in the general election of the UK 2024 plays a significant change in the field of education and immigration policies that are beneficial for international students while enhancing the learning environment and academic resources, financial assistance, lowering salary thresholds, and much more. For students who want to study abroad in the UK, Cosmo Consultants , an expert in overseas education and visa applications, will provide you assistance with personalized support.

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