What to Choose for Study in Canada University or College


Undoubtedly, Canadian education system is famous for it’s highly competitive and research oriented curriculum. Infect, this country is also popular for its highest spending on tertiary education. It spends 6% of its GDP on Education. By spending more than CAD 10,000 per student per year, which is highest in the world, Canada showcases its seriousness towards quality education. As a result, post completion their study; international students do not face any problem in getting rewarding jobs of their choice.

Furthermore, what makes Canadian education more attractive for the international student is the provision of post graduate work permit (PGWP). That could eventually lead to the possibility of permanent residency. Moreover, the presence of top fortune listed companies along with professional work culture makes this country the most sought after higher study destination.

As per the Canadian constitution, management of Education is the responsibility of the provinces. And therefore, these provinces can form their own policies to regulate the education institutions falling under their jurisdictions. Canada is also famous for its variety of educational colleges and universities. To demonstrate, there are Universities, University colleges, Vocational colleges, Technical colleges and Career College. Besides this, some offer Degree while others offer Diploma, associate degree or certificate.

Similarly, this all leads to a great level of confusion in the mind of study abroad aspirant. Choosing a right course with the right education institute is of paramount importance because this decides the future course of the life. while, this piece of writing will dispel the confusion, It help the overseas aspirants to make wise decision regarding what education program and which educational institution to choose from.

An overseas aspirant generally face the following questions:

  • Whether to choose a University or a college?
  • What course would be the most suitable for PGWP?
  • Which province has good universities and colleges?
  • Final decision about college or university.
  • What will be helpful in getting a good job in Canada- Degree or Diploma?
  • Which education course will provide good job opportunities in Canada?

From study abroad candidates’ prospective- all these questions are needed to be addressed properly.

Universities and Colleges:

Canada is a home to the large number of world renowned universities with most of them are public funded. The overall quality and standard of education in these universities is very high and most of them come in the QS top ranking list of Top 200 Universities. These universities offer wide variety of courses to choose from. Studying in a university is always a big deal in Canada as the jobs offered to the university graduates are of higher package. As these institutions cover the course in the comprehensive ways, their graduates from these institutions are viewed as more competent by the big companies and recruiters consequently, they are offered lucrative jobs.

The tuition fee of these universities are higher than that of colleges and the duration of the course is always be of minimum 3 to 4 years. So, if a student, with good academic record, has both time and financial resource, should go for the university degree course to ensure his bright future. Before zeroing in a university, a prospect student is suggested to check the details of that institution such as the latest ranking as per QS list and number of students enrolled which would give a fair idea of the quality of education it imparts.

Here is a list to Top 10 Universities of Canada as per the QS World ranking:


Unique College System:

It is not just the university system; Canada is also famous for its robust college network, which is equally good in terms of quality of education and job prospects as the universities there. These intuitions are famous for their short duration course such as PGDM, Diplomas, Certificate programs and Associate degrees. Likewise, these diplomas are skill oriented and very much subject focused. Hence, Students are advised to choose a study program with minimum two years of duration to gain three year PGWP easily. As these colleges provide short duration courses, they are more preferred by those students who want to start their working career quickly. The tuition fee in the college is less when we compare it to the University degree courses. But, a student should also bear in mind that these colleges do not provide big scholarships.

Some of the well known Colleges in Canada are:


So, if you are wondering what institute to choose from -a university or a college, or what education program is to select to enhance the chances of getting full three year post graduate work permit, you need to analyze on three main points. First, your own academic back ground, if you have been a bright student throughout your school days back home, then going for the university UG degree program will be most rewarding. It will not only provide good job opportunities post completion, the options for higher studies such as, post graduate and research program, will always be available.

There is also one more bright side of studying in a Canadian university is that the scholarships are in plenty which can make your study experience more enriching. But, do remember that enrolling in a university program will require availability of a lot more financial resources and time duration. The selection of the course would be based on the factors such as previous academic performance, personal dexterity and interest and the demand of that course in the job market.

Some of the top courses at University level are:

  • MBA
  • Computer Programming and computer network
  • Finance and Economics
  • Core Engineering
  • Social work Development
  • Agriculture science and Forestry
  • Earth Science and renewable energy.
  • Healthcare and Para medical Science.

Opting for PGDM with minimum two year duration is equally rewarding. The 2 year PGDM will not only help in obtaining three full years PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit), but it will also make you provide the jobs with lucrative salary. Besides costing less in terms of tuition fees, these courses are skill-oriented and hence quite lot in demand.

Some of the most preferred PGDM courses in Canadian colleges are:

  • Accounting, Business Administration
  • Advertising and marketing communication
  • Bachelor of Behavioral Science
  • Business Insights and Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Programming and Analysis
  • Food and nutrition management
  • Financial services and Business Management.
  • Health care Regulatory compliance
  • Bachelor of Health Care management.

Finally, most of the colleges in Canada are providing a large number of PGDM and associate degree courses. In this case, a candidate is expected to go the website of these colleges and get an insight into the programs offered and align it with the interest, academic background and job prospects.

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