Why study at Deakin University as International Student


Deakin University is one of the leading universities in Australia and as a result, it is on the wish list of international students. As a public university, it was established in 1974, and within a short period, the university has gained a place among the top 1% of universities globally. Here we will explore why studying at Deakin University as International Student can be a life-changing decision for you.

Why study at Deakin University as International Student:


As mentioned earlier, this university has all those features that are required for students to make their studies meaningful. Deakin offers a wide array of educational programs to equip scholars for the new age course and research work. Here, you would find some of the captivating reasons to study at Deakin University.

Among The Top Universities of the World:

When you come to know that Deakin University is an elite university and is among the top 1% of the universities worldwide, you would surely wish to be a part of this institution. Yes, Deakin University’s QS ranking for the year 2022 is 283, which put it in the top 1% of the world’s best universities. Undoubtedly, studying at this institute would give you a perfect opportunity to master your skills.

Top University in terms of Graduate Employability and Students’ satisfaction:

From the students’ point of view, what matters most is the employment prospects after completion of their studies. And, in the case of Deakin University, it tops in the whole of Victoria for the last nine years on the students’ satisfaction index.

Campus and Location:

Although the whole of Australia is very safe and promising for international students, the province of Victoria and especially, Melbourne offers enticing opportunities for overseas aspirants. Certainly, Melbourne is multi-cultured and has the great potential to support a large number of international students. So, Deakin University has several campuses around this mega city. These campuses offer different courses and are very vibrant and full of activities.
Its campuses are :

  • Burwood campus ( 16 Km in the east of Melbourne)
  • Geelong Waterfront ( 74 km in the southwest of Melbourne)
  • Geelong Waurn Pond Campus (74 km in southwest of Melbourne)
  • Warrnambool Campus (Approx. 256 KM southwest of Melbourne)

All these campuses are well connected by train, car, and other modes of the public transit system.

Generous Scholarships:


Deakin University does attract a large number of international students due to its generous and numerous scholarship programs. There is no surprise that most of the eligible candidates get on an average 25% of scholarships. For knowing more about the scholarships and eligibility at Deakin, you may visit the university website or click the link here.

World-class Research and Funding:

What makes Deakin university stand apart in Australia is its deep orientation toward research projects. Of course, the university has a very elaborate and distinct department dedicated to research-based activities. The university offers experienced staff to mentor the new researchers. Additionally, the institute does support the researchers in their outdoor visits, seminars, and other related projects.

As a result, various research projects of the university have been acclaimed internationally for their outstanding contribution to serving humanity. The innovative Nano absorbents made by this University’s research team to limit the disastrous impact of oil spills have been lauded by the international community.

Internships and work-integrated learning program:

University has always emphasized the applied part of the knowledge. The information that can be brought into practice is the need of the hour. Thus, to get this plan to work, the university has been working on an extensive plan to bring more and more industries under the umbrella.

As employers look for the skill and want to be sure about the applied part of the knowledge, internships and work-integrated learning play an indispensable role.

General amenities:

The main focus and concern of an international student have been the sincere and honest addressing of teething issues by the university. In this way, Deakin University is not an exception and its international student office provides all possible support to the new students. The process of orientation and provision of necessary support assist the new international students in getting adjudged in the new surroundings.
Additionally, the university campuses have all the necessary basic amenities that students look for during their stay. A well-developed cafeteria, big library, sports facilities, learning, and entertainment center all are at a stone’s throw.

Optimum Students-Teachers ratio:


What makes this university so special for the students is the thrust of the small classes. Her, you would notice that despite the overwhelming 24k odd students, the class size is relatively small. So, the next time you meet your teacher, don’t get surprised to see how quickly he calls you by your name. Undoubtedly, this provision goes in students’ favor as it helps them to connect to the teachers easily.

State-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities:

This one thing adds one more reason to study at Deakin University. It has been a constant drive from the university administration to bring in the best technology. This philosophy is ostensibly visible when you would visit the campus facilities. The meticulous design and selection of facilities make it the ideal place to learn and grow.

Courses to Study at Deakin University:


The University offers different courses on its different campuses and lets the students decide what to study and where to study. This gives them a great opportunity to select the course of their interest and potential.

Courses taught at Burwood Campus:

  • Business management
  • Commerce
  • Communication
  • Design
  • Animation, Films
  • Health Services
  • Information Technology

Courses taught at Geelong Campus:

  • Nursing
  • Humanities
  • Psychology
  • Sports
  • Law

These are only a few major courses the university offers, as this institute provides education in more than 160 educational programs, you may just visit the university website and glean the course of your interest.

The university scores high in every parameter an international student looks for and can be a good study abroad choice.

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