All you need to know about Canada Family Class Sponsorship Program


Canada Family Class sponsorship Program

Indeed, one of the most popular process of permanent residence status to Canada is PR though family class sponsorship program. Interestingly, India is the biggest source of immigration to Canada and so the immigration through family sponsorship is also quite popular.

But, in most of the cases the person who is moving to Canada on study permit or through Express entry program, cannot take his family members. One, who is moving on study permit, will be more concerned about his study completion, work permit and his own PR. Similarly, the same is true with those who move to Canada through Express Entry program.

That is why; those who have gained PR status in Canada, and, wish to bring their family to Canada, the federal government provide them this opportunity through Family class Sponsorship program. Altogether, Canada has very favorable immigration policies for the family reunification and every year its percentage is increasing.

Who Can You Sponsor for Permanent Residency?

Overall, under Canadian immigration rules a citizen of permanent resident of Canada can sponsors the following family members for the PR status:

  • The spouse
  • Common-law-partner
  • Conjugal Partner
  • Dependent Child
  • Adopted Children
  • Parents
  • Grand Parents

The Eligibility Family Class sponsorship Program

Please bear in mind that a sponsoring person should either be Citizen or permanent resident of Canada. He or she must be over 18 year of age.

There are certain situations under which a PR cannot sponsor his or her relatives. It includes:

  • If they themselves were sponsored and five years have not passed
  • Next, if they have sponsored spouse and 3 years have not passed
  • If they were unable to comply certain rules
  • Then, if they are bankrupt
  • And may more

How to sponsor under Family Class sponsorship Program

There are a number of requirements that an individual has to fulfill before starting the process of Family class sponsorship.

The first and foremost, submitting a sponsorship agreement that prescribes that the sponsor will provide financial assistance to the person whom he is sponsoring for a certain periods of time. This is to ensure that in case the sponsor fails to sustain, the sponsor would provide the minimum financial support. And, the sponsor will not look for the government financial assistance for the sustenance.

Thus, the sponsor is required to sign an agreement to provide necessary financial support to the sponsor person. The sponsor person will also state in the agreement that he or she would work to support financially.

For Parents or Grandparents: 20 years
Dependent child: 10 years or Age up to 22 years whichever comes earlier.
Spouse or Common law partner- 3 years

It should be noted, in case of spouse immigration, the Canadian authority is quick to provide full time work permit. This is to help the applicant to support the family financially and to help to relieve their financial burden. As a result, the spouse or common law can avail full time work permit even their application for PR through family class sponsorship program is in progress.

Moreover, Canada Government acknowledges common-law relations where two persons have lived together for at least one year. So, the PR holder can sponsor his or her common law in the same way as in the case of spouse.

Minimum Income Requirement:

Alternatively, the sponsor need to provide proof of his minimum income required to sponsor a family member.

The sponsor will have to give proof of the minimum prescribed income by submitting his last three years tax assessment notices. In short, the number of family member you support including you and the minimum income for the year 2020 is as under:

Number of Family Members
(Including Self)
Minimum Income
(Year 2020) CAD
1 $32,899
2 $40,445
3 $49,106
4 $55,695
5 $62,814

Besides, filling the required forms, applicant will also provide the following certification:

Local Police certificate:

An applicant will provide the certificate of police clearance from the country one resides.

Medical certificate:

to ensure that the sponsored candidate will not need any state medical assistance in Canada


Bio-metrics submission is an important step in the immigration and submission of one’s bio-metrics is an integral part in confirming the identity of the immigrant and stopping any potential identity theft. Hence, this is to make Canada a safe place for its people to live in.

Admittedly, a sponsor can apply by filling two distinct applications. First, one that establishes his eligibility as the sponsor of the family class program and it should be with agreement of financial support. Secondly, another application of the sponsored candidate should carry the details of the person who is being sponsored under this class. In fact, both these application are submitted simultaneously on the web site.

Besides, there are also sponsorship programs from the different provinces of Canada. As we have already discussed, Canadian immigration department deals these cases on priority.

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