All you need to know about Homestay program in Canada for International students


Soon after the admission into one of the education institutions an International student‘s next big challenge is about accommodation. So, where I will stay in an unknown country among the strangers. And, that too without family support is a question that may disturb you. By choosing a homestay program, one can free oneself from the anxiety and can focus on other important things.

When it comes to look for the staying options, a study abroad student does have number of choices. They are generally face with on campus university residence, private-independent accommodations and the option of homestay program in Canada.

What is Homestay Program in Canada:


You must be wondering. What is homestay program all about? And, how it may be one of the most enriching experiences, during study in Canada. Actually, families in Canada do offer themselves to be host of the international students. And, they register themselves with a nonprofit organization or with the university. These families offer their rooms and provide meal along with family like conditions where an international student may submerge into.

Type of Homestay program:

There are varieties of way an international student may choose a home stay program. The most common one is with full boarding. Here, a student gets guaranteed three meals and snacks and social outings with the host family. Apart from it, there are other flexible plans such as one meal or simply room rental plan. The selection depends totally on the taste and nature of individual student.

Why to choose Homestay program in Canada:

There are certain and obvious advantage of staying with a Canadian family in comparison to staying with fellow students in the on-campus residence or independent accommodation.

The Host families are selected carefully:


First and foremost, the hosts are selected very carefully. These all families are carefully scrutinized on the basis of the facilities they provide, the type of food they would make available and off course their police record. Based on these points, the host families are classified and profiling is done to match the requirements of international students. This process ensures that the international students do get the feel of the home away from home.

A Big Opportunity to Improve English Speaking:

Choosing a home stay plan is nothing less than a Golden Opportunity to improve English Speaking skill. As your host and the follow students will certainly be not known to your first language, thus, you would be left with no option but to communicate with them in English language.

This will push you to adapt to their speaking style and local slangs. Here, you would not get a chance to slip into the group of your local guys and start conversation in your local language. It will also make you comfortable with the listening of a foreign language and gives you an extra edge over those who live in on campus residence or in private accommodation.

Learning Canadian Culture:

There is yet another advantage of staying with the local family; you would learn the Canadian culture very quickly because your host family is supposed to make you comfortable during your meal and other social outings. Yes, the host family not just provides food but also shares their time with you and informally teaches you the Canadian culture. You would also get the chance to move with them during social gathering. This exposure of local culture would help you to get a fair view on how would interact with the local people.

Home away from Home:


Inarguably, home stay programs give an international student feeling of home away from home. Some students leave their home first time to study at a place which is thousands of kilometers away. That too, among a group of strangers. Additionally, the arrangements of daily use items such furniture, kitchen items and beddings is very tedious when you are least aware of the market. A home stay family generally provides bed, cupboard, study table, and some other basic furniture along with beddings and blankets. You would also have access to kitchen oven and Laundry.

No Need to worry about Bills:

One more thing that may attract you to decide towards home stay is that you need not to worry about the bills as all these bills are to be borne by your host. Your package covers all these expenses that may bother you every month. This would help you to focus on your study and you would have ample of time for exploring Canadian natural beauty and culture.

The Downsides:

Despite all these benefits some students do prefer to stay in private independent accommodation and university on campus residence. The students generally like to stay independently with their friends and love to have food of their personal choice. Additionally, some students do not feel comfortable in sharing the bathrooms and other things with strangers.

You should not forget that the good things come with some limitations such as limitation of food timing and returning to home. You cannot just come at 3 AM daily and expect a good behavior from your host.

An international student is also expected to use the host furniture properly and to clear the kitchen as and when you use it. As most of the hosts are senior citizens, they expect that you respect their age and know your boundaries.

Is Home stay Worth Choosing?

To sum Up, Homestay is always a good choice as it gives a new comer a sort of orientation such as how to use public transit and how to open your bank account. Besides, one can learn the English language skill more quickly than his other friends living in private accommodations. But as it is already been discussed, if the student is ready to adjust to the limitations and responsibilities, there can not better option than homestay program in Canada.

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