How To Become Study Abroad Partner


Overseas education is not a new trend, in fact people since ages used to visit different parts of the world to get the education that was prevalent during that period. There are historical records that tell that students from different countries used to come to then-World famous universities of Nalanda and Taxila for higher studies. Hence, it highlights the very reason to become study abroad partner.

An overview:

Even during the period of British Colonialism, a good number of young Indians completed their higher education from the universities of Great Britain, then a big centre of the courses like law and jurisprudence.

In the recent past, study abroad has been gaining popularity due to number of reasons. Hence, the countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA have fast becoming the international education hubs.

This article will discuss why study abroad business partner is good options. Specially, for those who wish start an exciting yet meaningful business by helping overseas aspirants. Here, you would also know how you can be a study abroad business partner. And, what things you should take care while associating with a brand.

Why to become a study abroad business partner:


As mentioned above, the students now days are more interested in gaining applied knowledge then mere a bunch of information. For this their search takes them to the educational institutes in overseas countries where education leads them to a meaningful career, better lifestyle and amazing work culture.

As a result there is a high demand for the study abroad experts who can guide them and help them in realizing their study abroad dreams. There are number of ways where you can start your overseas consultancy but out of them becoming a study abroad partner associate is the easiest and most economical. In the next paragraph, we would see why you should become a study abroad partner than starting at your own.

No doubt, the owning a consultancy business may be a good ideas but it is never without inherent challenges like big investment, long gestation period, regular tie ups with colleges & universities, and direct dealing with visa authorities.

Even taking a franchisee model may also need to start at your own by putting aside a big amount of money. Then, you may even have to commit a certain amount as a franchisee fee. Additionally, this arrangement may be good for the players with the deep pockets.

Therefore, the best and the easiest way to start overseas education business is, by becoming a study abroad partner. For the beginners as well as for those who don’t want to commit a big amount of capital, this mode of business would give an extra leverage, needed to propel your business to the next level.

Benefits of becoming a study abroad partner:


Here you would get glimpses of the advantage a business can avail by opting to become a study abroad partner.

  1. The first and the foremost advantage is the need of least investment. As you become the study abroad partner the amount you need to set up your set up would drastically reduced. This gives you extra money to be invested in other important areas of business.
  2. By choosing to become a study abroad partner, you get the advantage of the experience of established player.
  3. By becoming an overseas educational partner you would save your resources and time in forging tie-ups with colleges and universities. Instead, you would use the already established tie ups of the franchiser.
  4. Overseas business requires the recruitments of number of counselors for different colleges and countries. But, by becoming a study abroad partner you are exempted from such recruitment as you just need to collect and send the filing papers of your client.
  5. Last but not the least; if you opt to become a study abroad partner, you need not to acquire certain credentials needed for overseas business. As, this area of the business is taken care by the franchiser only.

Now, you can see that becoming a study abroad partner is always a win-win proposition where you just need to focus your time, energy and resources towards client acquisition and timely services.

How to choose a right overseas education consultancy to become an overseas education partner:


Choosing a right overseas education brand is very vital as any disturbance may create an adverse effect on your business future prospect. So, do a lot of research about the organization you are planning to associate with.

Here is a list of things you need to check before you commit.

  1. Experience: Check how long the franchiser is in this business.
  2. Website: Check what type of services this consultancy is offering.
  3. Financial Dealings: Knowing about the financial dealing is quite important.
  4. Confirm if there is any complaint against that firm on internet.
  5. Enquire about the operational efficiency.

Once you are satisfied with the brand you want to associate with, you may go ahead and seal the deal.

Cosmo Consultants:


‘Cosmo consultants’ is a leading and well established study abroad consultancy firm of India. The firm has been in overseas education and study visa business for over eleven years. They are successfully offering consultancy services to over a thousand of study abroad aspirants every year. The consultancy operates from number of locations that includes, Noida, Bareilly, Ratia, Gwalior and Lakhimpur. The consultancy is well respected in its field of operation and is highly trusted brand in the field of study abroad and study visa consultancy.

Why Choose Cosmo Consultants for becoming a study abroad partner associate:

There are ample of reasons to choose as your study abroad brand and some of them are as under:

  1. Visionary Management: At its helm of affair is the visionary management that believes and practices growth with integrity and transparency.
  2. Integrity and Transparency: These are the core values of Cosmo consultants, and inspired the associate to work with.
  3. A team of professionals: Certainly, this consultancy has a big team of overseas educational professionals who are well experienced and efficient in their own field.
  4. Supported by marketing Team: In order to reach out to the targeted audience, Cosmo consultants has a team of digital marketing experts.
  5. Dedicated team for Business partner associates: The consultancy also has a dedicated set up to support its business associates. The support through state of the art IT software facilitates

Note:‘Cosmo consultants’ offers a business opportunity for becoming a study abroad partner associate. If you are already in overseas education business you may expend it further by becoming our associate partner. For more information you may visit of website or write to us on [email protected] .

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