One plus one Diplomas in Canada for graduate International Students


Canada’s education system and its culture has always been an attraction for the Study Abroad aspirates. Apart from the home to the finest educational institutions, its friendly and inclusive culture and quality of life invariably pulls students from around the world for their higher studies. Hence, in order to meet the aspirations of the scholars and need of its burgeoning economy, the colleges have designed a wide array of courses and programs. For the reasons, the diploma and degree programs for under graduate are well complemented by post graduate and some are one plus one Diplomas in Canada.

So if you have already done your diploma or a degree program in your home country and still want to gain Canadian Education Experience, this article is just for you. Here, in this article, you would get step by step guidance on Top Ten PG Diploma Courses in Canada. And, what are the benefits of one plus one Diplomas in Canada. Plus, how you are proceed to fulfill your Canada dream.

What are Post Graduate Diplomas in Canada?


Generally, the international students come to Canada for undergraduate programs like UG certificates, diplomas or university degree. Besides, who holds diploma or degree in their country have the wide choice to apply for diploma or pg degree. Canadian Colleges offer PG diplomas for these students who can enrich themselves through joining in any of the DLI Colleges.

There are myriad of benefits of going for diploma course in comparison to post graduate university program:

  1. PG diplomas are comparatively cheaper to university PG degree.
  2. PG diplomas may vary from one year to two year.
  3. The curriculum of the diploma programs are more skilled base while that of University programs are academic in nature.
  4. While pursuing diploma a student has a choice to choose two different programs in two years. Which is not possible during university degree program.

What are one plus one Diplomas in Canada?


As we know Federal rules, international student in Canada can seek full time employment after the completion of his studies. And, acquiring post graduate work permit also known as PGWP. And, interestingly, the duration of the PGWP depends on the duration of the diploma a student pursues. One year diploma course will fetch one year post work permit. And, while on the basis of two year diploma course, the student would get three full year work permit.

Therefore, it is always advisable to International students who are going for post graduate diploma programs to either select two year diploma program or go for one plus one diploma programs.

So what exactly the one plus one diplomas in Canada are and how they help an international student? Let’s have a look.

All those international students who want to gain variety of education experience may pursue the diplomas of one year each. These back to back diplomas in two different streams would provide an aspirant necessary skill and experience to work and contribute in Canadian Economy.

Will these two-different programs be considered for the three year work permit?


Some Students may have doubt whether these two different programs would be considered for the three year work permit? Here, the answer of thumping yes. The Federal rules treat the two back to back diplomas of one year each as two year education program. Hence, the student can easily and legally get his two year PGWP.

How Should I proceed for one plus one diplomas in Canada?

The process for it is as simple as applying for any other under graduate program. First and foremost, decide the course and college where you wish to gain your education experience from. After narrowing down to it , apply for the course and get your letter of acceptance and with the help of your trusted Study Abroad Consultant, apply for the study visa.

Here you have two options- either you can select one course of one year and apply for the study visa or you can decide the second course well in advance and also get its LOA. As per the duration of the study program, you would get the study visa. For instance, if you apply with one pg diploma you would get your study visa for one year only ( You can extend it easily ) and when you apply with two pg diploma programs, your study visa would be for two year duration.

What to do after one year of PG diploma?


When you are in Canada with one year of PG diploma and one year of study permit, what you need to do is to start applying for the second-one year diploma in the second term only. The sooner you would start, the brighter are the prospects. Just be ready with the transcript of your first and second terms of your first diploma program.

As soon as you receive LOA from the college for your second diploma course, apply through your CIC account for the extension of your study visa. Its fee is just 150 CAD and it will not take much time. The process is simple and the response is fairly quick. This process would give you the extension of your study visa for one more year.

What about GIC Fund in 1 + 1 diploma in Canada?

Here, some students generally get worried about whether they would have to deposit the GIC of 10,000 CAD once again? So, the good news is that there will be no need to go for GIC in the second PG programs. What you need to show for your study visa extension is just a print of your bank account with three months of details. As you would already be in Canada and working part time or full time job, there is no need to show GIC. But, remember, you would have to deposit the tuition fee of full year for your second diploma program.

How about IELTS when applying for second course?


Here again, there is no need to show your IELTS score sheet for the second diploma course. It is required only for the first course when you have to seek entry into Canada. Once you have successfully completed your first diploma from Canadian Institute, you need not to show you IELTS score again.

Is there any boundation about selecting a College, Course or City?

As you complete you first diploma course, you are free to choose any course in any city, in any province (except- Quebec) and in any college in Canada. So, don’t you see it is a great way to gain two diplomas in Canada and get three year work permit which you may use for your journey towards your permanent residence program.

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