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Alberta: A home to Study In NAIT and SAIT

Every year, many international students who wish to study abroad choose Canada as their destination of higher study. Canada offers everything a student dreams. Here are some of the reasons why a study abroad aspirant should choose study in NAIT over other Canadian education destinations.

Undoubtedly, as a whole, Canadian Education System is globally famous for its unmatched quality and skill-oriented courses. Yet, one of its provinces, Alberta has earned specific distinctions because of its people-oriented government policies and a relentless drive to offer superlative experience in the field of education. Let’s scout for some of the major reasons that make Alberta the compelling destination for the study abroad aspirants and the answer, why studying in Alberta is the most rewarding decision ever made.

Alberta’s education history goes back to as early as 1881 when the education responsibilities were born by church clergy and missionaries. The hamlets of Edmonton and Calgary became the centers where there stand the world-renewed educational institutions with the name of the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta. These universities and among the top-ranked educational institutions of the world and lead in various research-based projects. There are 12 universities in this province, Alberta, out of which 7 are public.

Apart from the universities, Alberta is also home to some of the top-notch colleges and vocational institutes that vouch for the unmatched quality of educational experience they offer. The Colleges like Bow Valley, Grand Prairie, Red Deer, and Medicine Hat are famous for their quality education and professional training.

Why to Study in NAIT:


NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology):

Started in 1962 as a center to bridge the gap between education and industry in northern Alberta. This college officially opened in 1963, with around 350 students.

This technical institute has the vision to be the most relevant and responsive post-secondary institution in Canada and one of the world’s leading polytechnics. A NAIT education system delivers numerous opportunities. Applied education and technical training have been specially designed to meet the current need of the industry.

Students are prepared for employment in the global economy. The graduated students are well skilled and have ample practical knowledge to make an immediate impact.

NAIT welcomes International students as important members of its community. Study abroad aspirants have a great chance to gain the skill and knowledge to tackle real-world problems at the global level.

Features to Study in NAIT (the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)

  1. They deliver technology-based education across all programs
  2. The education over here is experimental and hands-on
  3. The institute works in partnership with Industry
  4. And applied research is aimed to solve the real problem.

Type: Public Funded
Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Address: 11762 – 106 Street Edmonton, AB, Canada, T5G 2R1

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s actions is fuelled by its promises to the province of Alberta, to the Students, to the Industries, and to its employees. There are numerous facts that support NAIT as the best choice when it comes to preparing for technical courses.

  • The number of Industry partners with polytechnic institutes is 81 and applied research projects are 77,
  • One of the largest apprenticeship trainers in Canada offering 28 registered trades programs,
  • And More than 90 credit programs leading to degrees, applied degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

Facts about Students:

  • 16,700 students enrolled in credit programs
  • 6,600 apprentices registered in apprenticeship training
  • 11,700 students enrolled in non-credit courses
  • 4,100 graduates from the degree, diploma, and certificate programs
  • 1,900 apprenticeship completers

Education Programs for STUDY in NAITS


The educational programs are offered through different schools:

  • School of Applied Science and Technology
  • JR Shaw School of Business
  • School of Health and Life Science
  • School of Skilled Trades

Here is a list of the top courses to study in NAIT that are high in demand; are PGWP eligible and have employment potential.

  1. Diploma in Animal Health Technology
  2. Culinary Art (Diploma)
  3. Diploma in Building Environmental System
  4. Diploma in Business Administration- HR, Marketing, Finance
  5. Computer Engineering Technology Diploma
  6. Diploma in Dental Assisting technology
  7. Diploma in Game Programming
  8. Digital Media and IT –Animation Concentration
  9. Diploma in Forest Technology
  10. Diploma In Hospitality Management

International Training and TVET Capacity Development

NAIT has worked with industries, corporations, and government organizations that have come up with Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) capacity development and customized training solutions all over the world. NAIT’s international experience ranges from workforce and instructor training to complete TVET institution-building projects, we can provide a tailored solution that meets your organization’s distinct needs.

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