Know all about what the AEC and DEC programs are in Quebec Canada


Are you considering choosing Quebec your study abroad destination and confused about AEC and DEC programs, then this piece of article is going to help you. You would get the fair idea how AEC and DEC diploma course impact your PR and even your work permit.

Undoubtedly, the education experience in whole of Canada, irrespective of its provinces, is world renowned. However, Quebec province is somewhat unique because of its cultural heritage. As the official language of this province is French, the impact of French Culture is ostensibly visible both in social and educational realm. This, most often, lead to doubt and confusion among the international students. Here, this article will throw light on how diploma courses such as AEC and DEC programs are different, and what things an international student should keep in mind before choosing the educational course in Quebec, Canada.

What are AEC and DEC programs?


Before we start, we need to understand that for getting admission in a University, one is required to do a diploma course and only after that one can seek admission in any university in Quebec. This provision ensures that all the students who come for under graduation be mature and experienced to understand the university education.

Besides, preparing students for the university education, these diplomas also make students ready for the job market. So these diploma courses do play key role in Quebec education and economic system. Form student’s point of view, these courses offer great opportunity to learn the required skill, knowledge and competence of their chosen field.

AEC/ASC (Attestations d’études collégiales) (AEC), or in English Attestations of Collegial Studies (ACS) :

These programs are basically designed for the shorter duration i-e from one year to 2 years. These programs are meant to provide specific knowledge and skill related to the chosen domain. This is why; the subjects like physical education, language, computers, and philosophy are not taught and covered. Instead, the focus is on the core subjects and the development of the necessary skill. These programs offer specialty and deep knowledge about a particular trade or skill.

List of Some AEC Programs in Quebec, Canada:

  1. Network Administration and support
  2. Independent Video Game design
  3. Accounting principle and related computer principles
  4. Business management
  5. Project management in graphic communication
  6. Multimedia integration techniques
  7. Early Childhood training techniques
  8. Fashion Design and Fashion marketing
  9. Media Strategies and advertising
  10. Event Planning and management

ASP – (Attestation de spécialisation professionnelle):

This is even shorter program which ranges from 3 month to 8 month. If you have already done DEP and wants further spécialisation in your skill, then, the ASPs programs are most suitable options. Additionally, they also offer an opportunity to scale the ladder of your career.

DEC – (Diplome d’études collégiales):

This is also known as Diploma of Collegiate Studies and it is the post secondary degree. DEC courses are pursued in either 2 year duration or in 3 year duration depending upon the aim of the student.

Pre University DEC programs:

All 2 year DEC course are pre university course that meant to be pursued to prepare for the university program. It means that students who wish to go to university will need to pursue 2 years DEC programs.

Vocational DEC programs:

On the other hand, 3 year DEC programs are more extensive and student needs to study language, philosophy, basic computer and physical education besides, their core subject. The purpose of these 3 years DEC programs is to make students job ready and they may join job markets soon after completion of their studies.

List of Some DEC Programs in Quebec, Canada:

  1. Accounting and Management Technology
  2. Business Management
  3. Computer Science Technology program
  4. Early Childhood Education (LaSalle College)
  5. Special care Counseling
  6. Computer Science –Video game programming
  7. Hotel management Technique
  8. Tourism techniques
  9. Food Service management
  10. Social Science – Individual and Society

DEP – (Diplome d’études professionnelles):

These programs are skilled based program and most of the focus is on hands on training. Hence, they are also known as DVS (Diploma on Vocational Studies) programs. This is Vocation and spécialisation post secondary course in which student learn the core subjects. These programs are trade oriented and duration of the program ranges from 6 month to 2 years. Likewise, these programs are developed by Quebec Ministry of Education and as a result degree from public and private colleges carries the same weight both for PR and PGWP.

List of Some DEP/DVS Programs in Quebec, Canada:

  1. Hairdressing
  2. Art and makeup
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Artistic makeup
  5. Professional cooking
  6. Welding & Fitting
  7. Electricity
  8. Plumbing and heating
  9. Computer Support
  10. Auto mobile mechanic

Difference between AEC and DEC programs:

By now, you must have got the fair idea that how AEC courses are different from DEC or DEP courses. As you have seen, the AEC courses are of just one or two years and cover the specialized knowledge of the subject. Whereas DEC or DEP courses are vocational in nature are detailed one.

Next, the AEC courses are less in number while you would find wide range of choice in DEC courses.

Further, the class hours are less in AEC whereas the study is very intensive in DEC courses.

As far as PEQ (Quebec Province PR) is concerned, the students who have completed their DEC (Vocational) or DEP courses with minimum 1800 hours of study can directly apply for PEQ, on the other hand AEC holder students would be required to get at least one year relevant work experience before applying for PR.

So those who choose AEC/ACS complete their courses in two years and get 3 year work permit and they can apply for PR after earning of one year of relevant experience. On the other hand, DEC/DVS/DEP holder students can apply for QEP soon after completion of their 1800 hours study. Above all, don’t forget that passing B2 level French language test is equally important and desirable.

And to help you learn French language, the government of Quebec offers not only free classes but you would get CAD 15 per day for attending the 3 hours class.

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