Top Ten Reasons to Study in Montreal as an International Students


As far as Canadian Education System is concerned, it has earned a great reputation in the world. The job- Centric and industry oriented education system which is well supported by the state of the art infrastructure and highly qualified faculty has become the focal point of all the international academic activities. At its forefront is a city that is known as the best livable city for the students on this planet. Yes, the city is Montreal, and here we will explore top reasons to study in Canada as an international student.

Facts about Montreal:


Greater Montreal is the largest town of Quebec province of Canada where a large number of companies have set up their headquarters. Right from the Aerospace industry to the Fintech firms, Greater Montreal is the most sought after address for every known company. Before we move forward to discuss top reasons to study in Montreal, let’s have a look at some interesting yet useful facts about this City.

  • Best student city in the Americas (QS Best Student Cities, 2019)
  • Most reputable city in the Americas (Reputation Institute, 2018)
  • 2nd best city in the world for millennial (Nestpick, 2018)
  • Among the top ten best public transit systems in the world (The 10 cities with the best public transportation, USA Today, 2019 )
  • Best city in Canada and 6th in the world (TimeOut, 2019)
  • Best cycling city in North America (Coya, Global Bicycle Cities Index, 2019)
  • The safest city in North America (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2018 ; Statistics Canada, 2018)
  • Third friendliest city in the world (Rough Guides, 2016)
  • Most affordable major city in Canada and the U.S. (UBS Prices and Earnings, 2018)
  • The most bilingual and trilingual population in Canada (Statistics Canada, 2016)
  • Food capital of North America: more than 7,000 restaurants, bistros and cafés (Town andCountry Magazine, 2016)s
  • Happiest city in the Americas and second in the world (Lonely Planet, 2018)
  • Canada: best work environment for international students (OECD, 2019)
  • Canada: best country in the world to study abroad (, 2020)

The City has over four million people, 11 world class universities, 60 well reputed colleges and about 120 culture festivals every year. And, the list does not end here. Just take a decision to study in Montreal and explore the best of everything.

Top Reasons to study in Montreal:


As mentioned above, Greater Montreal is the most preferred study abroad destination for the international students and there are some distinct reasons that put Montreal at the forefront. And a few of them are:

A Home to the Top Notch Education Institutions:

The amazing learning opportunities in Montreal are the result of robust education system. It is consist of eleven great universities and more than sixty vocational and post secondary colleges. The concept behind education is to offer theoretical knowledge along with practical training. This is to ensure the smooth transition of students into the industry.

Besides, these institutions are highly reputed in their field of expertise and attract students and industry players alike. Unlike other provinces of Canada, college diploma is compulsory for the admission into a university. These colleges which are world famous for providing quality vocational training to their students which help them to direct enter successfully into the job market.

Abundant Job Opportunities:


Greater Montreal is not only the home to great education institutions, this city also a big hub for various industries. Initially, these industries came here for the quality work force and congenial business environment. Later, it has turn out to be a big source of employment. Today, nearly one half of Canada’s Aerospace, pharmaceutical, IT, Finance and Entertainment Industry has their set up in Greater Montreal. This makes this city as most attractive for the international students and offers one of the top reasons to study in Montreal.

Very Affordable and Amicable City:

There is one more reason for international students to choose Montreal as their study abroad destination and it is its very affordable cost of living. Surprisingly, Montreal is famous for being the most affordable city of whole North America. As the main component of living is consist of accommodation rent, this is very affordable and sharing accommodation is very much permissible here. Besides, the low rental rate eases the burden from the international students and they find it easy to manage their monthly budget. Apart from the rent, the overall cost of living in Quebec province is quite low which makes it to earn this distinct title.

Vivid Cultural life throughout the year:


Of course, there is so much to see and enjoy the vivid cultural programs in Montreal which are held throughout the year. The city of Montreal is famous for the festivals, concerts, exhibitions and live shows. The city witnesses as many as 120 cultural events every year. There are special events during summers and very exiting shows during winters. International students enjoy a large number of benefits in the form of discount coupons and privileged entry through their passport. So for international students it is always have a great opportunity to get a close look into the local and global cultural shows.

A truly International City:

If you are in Montreal, you would never feel alone. Regardless of your nationality, you would always find the people of your taste and choice. Greater Montreal can proudly boast of paying the host to as many as 120 nationalities across the globe. This city has about 30 per cent of its population as foreign born and about half of its population is well conversant in at least two languages. As a result, the city is very open and welcoming to a newcomer which would never let you feel alone. For an international student it can surly be one of the top reasons to study in Montreal.

Safety First:

Just like the whole Canada, Greater Montreal is very safe for the international students especially for the female gender. It ranks 4th in the list of the most safe cities in the world. You may feel equally safe and secure even at midnight. Be it public transit or the lonely alley, a person is not only secure but they also feel the same. The cases of stalking are quite rare and so are the cases of xenophobia. Hence, for international students this city is very safe and the local bodies do ensure that the feeling of safety should always be remains among its people.

The Great Neighborhoods:

Montreal always attracts people from all walks of life and from all over the world. As a consequence, communities thrive and create a bond that showcases the diversity of the world. There are as many as 19 neighborhoods of Montreal and each has its own characterize distinct flavor and identity. This makes it a unique city in the whole North Americas. As per the “Montréal’s neighborhoods are like the members of an extended family. They each have their personality, their qualities and their tastes. You need to take the time to get to know them and appreciate them for their uniqueness. All put together, they make Montréal the eclectic and charming city that it is.”

The Underground City:

This is roughly a 32 KM of underground pathway which has a large number of shopping centers, hotels, business establishments and eating joints. This system helps about four million people of this city to remain on the go during long winter season. As most of the universities, colleges offices, banks, and rapid transit system are well connected the students and other local people do not face any hardship during sever cold and snow fall. The climate controlled and well-lit passages provide much needed mobility to this town and keep the life rolling.

Economical Public transport System:

Public transit system in Montreal is comparatively cheap and this is the inexpensive way to explore the city and get around the fabulous neighborhoods. The 7 days a week and 365 days a year the public bus and subway metro services keep the city well connected. For international students this is something remarkable as they can easily save considerable amount of money on their transportation bill. The system is clean, safe and fast that helps in the overall growth of the city.

Amazing People:

The people of this city are famous for the help and support to the strangers and foreigners. As the city has multi-cultural and multi- ethnicity approaches the people are always welcoming and helping. As a new comer you would also get honest and sincere guidance throughout your journey as international students. The culture of this City makes its people to extend the helping hand to those who are looking for the same and give them one of the top reasons to study in Montreal.

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