Top Ten Reasons to Study in British Columbia, Canada


Likewise Ontario and Quebec, the western most province of Canada; British Columbia has also proved its mettle in the field of post secondary education. Thanks to the provincial government’s educational policies, Study in British Columbia, has become dominant option for the international students.

Through its well crafted educational and immigration policies, British Columbia has been successful in attracting a large number of international students in its universities and colleges. Today more than 18000 students from more than 80 countries Study in BC, Canada. And, pursue from a wide array of courses.

Here you would find compelling reasons to Study in BC, Canada as an international student.

Top notch Colleges and Universities:


British Columbia is a home to some of the top colleges and universities of the world. Every year its educational institutes rank high in the QS ranking and Time ranking. The institutions such as University of British Columbia, University of Fraser Valley, or KPU, Study in BC, Canada is always rewarding both academically and professionally.

To insure the quality of education, a unique initiative called Education Quality Assurance (EQA) provides a seal of assurance for the post secondary education. Hence, the seal of EQA itself guarantees the quality of the education in alignment with the students’ aspiration. As a result, this system has earned the global acclamation.

Home to a large number of International Students:


Owing to the quality education and supportive immigration policies a large number of students from across the globe chose to Study in British Columbia, Canada. As per the report there were approximately 1, 78,000 study visa holders in various educational institutions of British Columbia. The universities and colleges of BC offer the educational programs that suit the overseas students. And, provide them ample opportunities to gain diverse study and work experience.

The campuses here represents the students from more than 80 countries. And, give international students a feeling of belonging and familiarity especially during the first few days.

World renowned university transfer system:


What makes Study in British Columbia; Canada so special is its credit transfer system giving it a world recognition and appreciation. The flexibility to pursue courses of one’s choice and completing the course from the University of One’s Choice makes this program very amazing.

The seamless transfer system opens the doors to the students to complete their education program from the colleges of their choice. The post secondary institutions offer varieties of program and transfer options to the candidates opening new possibilities.

Friendly and Welcoming neighborhoods:


Without doubt, hereto in British Columbia, you would find the Canadian culture of hospitality and inclusiveness. Almost all the colleges and universities have campuse in the great urban settings with ample civic amenities. This province is proud of its multicultural and multi ethnic demography. About 28 per cent of the population is composed of immigrates and international students.

Apart from this, the law and order condition here is as safe as anywhere in Canada. There is nothing you should fear about during any part of the day and in any part of the province. So while studying in BC would be protected by the Canadian Chart of human rights and freedom along with the BC human right code.

Plethora of job opportunities:


You would be surprised to know that Study in BC, Canada will also offer you numerous job opportunities – both part time as well as full time. The province has large number of industries such as mining, fishery, agriculture, transportation, tourism and films which offer large number of employment opportunities.

Scholarships and special programs:


There is one more reason to choose British Columbia as your study abroad destination that is the availability of number of scholarships and special programs. Hence, while applying for the course you should also explore if there is a related scholarship or any other financial aid available in your program of study.

Apart from these, the Study in British Columbia, Canada also gives you a chance to avail some of its unique programs such as Mitacs, Accelerate, Elevate and many more.



Most of the universities and colleges have their own residential houses well inside the campus. To avail the seat there, you need to apply well within the prescribed time frame. These accommodations charge full year fee in advance and let you focus on your study.

Besides campus’ accommodations, the students would always have options to try accommodation on rent that is choosing to stay off the campus. As most of the cities and neighborhoods are well connected by the local transit system, students can easily commute. Additionally, accommodation is considerably affordable in comparison to the cities like Toronto.

Transportation options Galore:


Getting around in British Columbia is just a fun. Thanks to the large number of Transportation options available at your disposal, allowing you to move within and out of British Columbia at ease. The Colleges and city centers are well connected with roads and rail network. All these options are pretty affordable and easily available.

Apart from this you can always use rapid transit system and taxi network along with rental car services. Not to mention, these are all to help you enjoy your weekends and occasional breaks from you busy study schedules.

Easy PR rules:


This may be one more compelling reasons to come and Study in British Columbia, Canada. The provincial rules regarding the immigration especially for the Canada work experience holders are quiet flexible. This province always support and provide myriad of opportunities for those students who wish to continue their stay in this province by contributing meaningfully in social and economic development of BC.

Moderate climate:


Invariably, there are some people who find it difficult to live in the extreme cold climate of Canada. But the good news is that this province of Canada offers comparatively mild and moderate climatic conditions. Thanks to its vicinity to the pacific sea and the mountain range, the climate in BC is sunnier than any part of Canada. Hence, those who plan to Study in BC, Canada would be surprised to find the moderate climate throughout the year.

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