PG Diplomas in Computer science in Canada


The success of a business organization largely depends on the effective and efficient use of the resources at its disposal. Apart from the dedicated functioning of departments like accounting, finance, HR or marketing, IT department also plays a dominant role. As a reason, the position of an IT profession becomes more and more important. Owing to the increasing demand for IT professionals, PG diploma in computer science in Canada have become very popular.

One year and Two year Diplomas:

PG diplomas in Computer science in Canada:

Almost all the DLI colleges and universities in Canada offer PG diplomas courses in various disciplines including computer sciences. The duration of the program varies colleges to colleges’ .Some colleges’ offer one year PG certificate while in other college the duration may be of 2 year. Therefore the students are advised to look into the program duration before selecting the programs.

Make the best out of one plus one PG diploma course:

As we know it very well that one year diploma course would lead to only one year post work permit while two year education program would offer three year work permit. So, those who would chose one year PG program should also chose one more program PG program in the next year to make it a one plus one diploma program. For more information on one plus one pg diploma you may read more.

As mentioned above today’s dynamic business environment has become more dependent on successful use of computer and IT resources. Hence, this article will shed light on the top PG diploma in computer science in Canada. As per the Canadian job market data, the demand for these IT professionals who are skilled in their specific fields would increase in days to come.

1. PG Diploma in Applied AI Solutions and Development Program:


This program is of three semester in which one entire term is dedicated to co-op learning. The course has been designed to match the need of the Canadian business entities. As the is a big demand for full Stack Data Scientists who are skilled to fill the roles of Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer or Machine Learning Engineer, this program prepares the student to fit into them with ease.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the top PG diplomas in computer science in Canada. The program focuses on putting the three disciplines (computer science, math, business) together with a design-thinking approach to deliver machine learning or deep learning models and intuitive dashboards to communicate results and new findings

The Colleges offering these programs are :-

  • George Brown College
  • Centennial College
  • Georgian College
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • St. Francis Xavier

2.PG Diploma in Cyber Security:


The current business scenario is very vulnerable due the presence of large number of malicious user and software. And, as more and more organizations putting their data into the cloud, the ability to ensure safety, confidentiality, integrity and availability of digital assets has become vital for their success and survival.

Here, the cyber security professionals play a pivotal role in the protection of business data throughout the economy. In order to coordinate with the quick advancement in technology and trends, the cyber security professionals of present era must be capable in traditional networking technologies. Moreover, they should have a strong familiarity with security trends and practices, including the legal framework and ethical hacking prevailing in the country.

Through this program you would learn how to protect computers, applications and networks from unknown, unauthorized and malicious users or software. In addition, the program also covers the key cyber security concepts of cyber forensics, cryptography, and network security in addition to topics such as cloud security, mobile network security, and ethical hacking techniques and tools. Also, this Cyber security program will address supporting concepts of information system security that are always an integral parts of cyber security.

Here is a list of some of the top colleges of Canada offering PG diploma in cyber security :-

  • Centennial College
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
  • George Brown
  • Conestoga College
  • Fanshawe College

3.PG Diploma in Mobile Application Development and Strategy:


As more and more people are shifting their work on mobile and tablets, the demand for the applications and programs is on the rise. it’s one of the best PG diplomas in computer science in Canada The post graduate mobile application development program prepares the student to develop different platform based mobile application programs. It exclusively focuses on mobile application development topics, and becomes increasingly in-depth to allow students to develop the skills employers and the industry demand.

The full time two-year Mobile Application Design and Development Diploma program guide a learner to enter the expanding and evolving world of mobile web and application development. Here the student would develop their own design for mobile website interfaces across different platforms and devices. In addition, they would also learn how to build native applications for mobile devices, and use different technologies and programming languages.

Upon completion of the program, the scholar may find employment in all levels of government, as well as with exciting start-ups. Apart from this, a wide variety of market sectors including technology, marketing, finance, healthcare, business, education and communications would be the prospects for employment.

Some of the jobs offered to these graduates are Full-stack developer, mobile application developer, UX designer, interaction designer and many more.

Here is a list of some of the top colleges offering this course :-

  • Cambrian College
  • Lambton College
  • Algonquin College
  • Centennial College
  • George Brown College

4.Post Graduate Diploma in Big Data Analytics :


You would be surprise to know that data Science and Analytics programs are related to the STEM disciplines. The focal are of this course is to prepare an applicant on the methods of recording, storing, and analyzing data to forecast various aspects of the industry. As the data has become as valuable as gold, the demand for the course and its professionals has increased manifold.

it’s one of the most look-after PG diplomas in computer science in Canada. As per the Canada job market report, the data science profession has a projected vacancy of 17,500 during 2017-2026. It indicates an exciting and stable job prospects in Canada. Moreover, the federal government has also declared its investment plans to boost this sector. Hence the possibility of fairly good number of employment opportunities is in the sight.

Upon completing the PG Diploma in Data science, the learner can expect to work as a Data Administrator, Data Analyst, Database Administrator, Data Scientist, Database Architect, and Data Engineer. Additionally, there are large numbers of openings in Canada as well as outside the country.

Here is a list of some of the top colleges offering Post graduate diploma in big data Analytics course:-

  • Langara College
  • Georgian College
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Centennial College
  • Lambton College

5.Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security Management


The Information Security Management post-graduate program equips the students with the skill to manage the operational and strategic aspects of information security. This program would help them to develop the skills to identify how a business is vulnerable, and what best we should do to safeguard their information. The students would also learn detailed practical facets of security such as risk analysis, writing security policies, vulnerability testing. Apart from this, the learners have an excess to implementing access controls, and performing security audits.

It is a one year program which provides students with a wider approach to information systems security as it applies to organizations. The program also leads a broad understanding of security concepts. And, it concentrates on industry’s best practices for information security. The program aims to develop critical thinking among the learners.

The challenges such as what business organizations need protection? What types of safeguards are needed to protect the assets? And, above all what are the vulnerabilities and threats may crop in the business.

Upon completion, the students would be eligible to apply for the jobs for the IT security officer across the industry.

Following are colleges offering post graduate program in Information Security management in Canada:-

  • Fanshawe College
  • George Brown College
  • Douglas College
  • Georgian College
  • Fleming College

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