Top Ten IT Courses in Montreal Quebec for International Students


Montreal is the largest city as well as biggest economy of Quebec Province. Along with it, it is the second largest economy after Toronto in whole Canada. Apart from Aerospace and pharmaceutical industry Greater Montreal is the global hub in new age IT fields like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) , Virtual Reality (VR) and Video Games programming. Hence we have seen the creation of large number of high paying jobs in these firms. Consequently, the education institutes developed academic programs to fit into the requirement of this growing sector. So if you are still wondering and confused about the course, here is a list of top ten IT courses in Montreal, Canada.

Top Ten IT Courses in Montreal:

With the advancement of technology and innovation, the new age IT courses such as AI, ML and VR has taken the central stage. And, has become the core of whole economy. Acknowledging the importance, Canadian federal and provincial agencies are extending their support and encouraging innovation and research in these fields. And, without any surprise, these sectors are creating very lucrative jobs in large number.

1. DEC In Computer Science Technology –Video game programming:


Montreal is not only the IT hub of Canada; it is also the global centre of video game industries. The top notch industries in this sector operate from Montreal and has big infrastructure there. The companies like Cardboard Utopia, Behavior Interactive, Mega Zebra, Whimsy Games, EA, Ubisoft, Unity and many more have their strong base in this city. Hence, this city provides the great opportunity to thrive as a Video game developer.

By choosing a diploma course in Video game programming, a student would be on a fast track. Which, would lead to the countless lucrative jobs. The education institutes in Montreal are known for their quality practical education with a very effective internship programs.

2. ACE in Game and Level Design:

This is yet another course which can take your creativity to the next level. As a student, if you want to be the part of exiting team that design games work on their mechanics and create levels, then this course can lead to the desired destination. This program would give an opportunity to learn game mechanics, and incorporate 3D and 2D elements in the games.

Most of the colleges have great tie ups with the leading studios of Montreal. Where, students get ample chance to learn in the real time framework. On completion of the course, a student may get a job. Such as, general Video game Architect, Video Game level Designer, Video game Designer or as a Video game Narrative Designer.

3. ACE in 3D animation For Television and Cinema:


This course would help you in launching your career in the dynamic field of digital technology and movie field. As a student you will get a chance to learn. Also, try your hand on creating visual special effects for the films, video games, television. And, many more audio visual fields. The student can chose any stream such as 3D animator, 3D artist, or 3D designer.

They can an exposure to work on software such as Maya, ZBrush, Nuke, Premier, V-Ray and many more in the designated studios. This course opens the doors of exiting employment for its graduates. Following career opportunities are available: Character Designer, Environment Designer, Composer, Special effects artist or 3D animators.

4. DEC in Business Management-Creative Industry Management:

As the number of creative industries such as Media, VFX, Video game , Entertainment are increasing, so the demand for the managers who also have the related technological knowledge is also going up. So this course is for those who want to make their career in the field creative industry as a manger. It makes this among the top Ten IT Courses in Montreal.

On Completion, the candidate would get ample chance to work in industries. Such as, Architectural Firms, Multimedia House, Media and fashion House, Advertisement Firm or in a content creating agency. A student may become a cultural project manager, tour coordinator, or may join a sponsorship firms. As Montreal is the hub of creative activities the students generally get placed during the internship period itself.

5. AEC in Audio and Video Post production program:


This program provides all the necessary training to develop the skill. Specially, to thrive in the audio and video post production industry. This two years full time course offers high-specialized practical training with the industry standard software and equipment. So that, a candidate can be proficient in video editing, audio editing, graphic motion, mixing and automatic dialogue replacement.

Upon successfully completing this program, the students can pursue their career. Such as, a video editor, post supervisor, assistant editor, sound editor, Foley artist or post production coordinator. Most of these jobs are offered to the candidates with the required knowledge, skill and certificate.

6. AEC in Analytics, Big Data and Business Intelligence:


Rapid development in the field of technology has ushered an era of effective data management. As well as, the need to get the meaningful results. This has fueled the demand for the professional who are skillful. That is, in mining the data, analyzing them. And, make a meaningful presentation to help management to take future oriented decision. This program offers training through industry standard software programs. And, online platforms to ensure a candidate gets an edge in his career prospects.

To meet the industry demand this is the right course that would put candidate’s career in the fast track lane. This is a two year full time program offered both in English and French. On completion of this course the graduate can find job as a Data base administrator. Besides, data dictionary administrator, data mining analyst, database designer, data manager and many more.

7. ACE in Computer Security Analyst:


As, the personal data is now digitalized and is well connected, there is an increasing need to ensure its safety. This is also true to each and every business entity or any organization that has information of their clients and staff in digitalized form. As a result, the agencies, business houses and even individuals require the services of experts who can perform, penetration testing, design viable solutions and work on the safety of the company’s data.

As the name suggest, this course provides students opportunity to learn through the tools and software that are most updated. This campus based program is for 24 month full time and train the students in the best practices of computer security. It makes this among the top Ten IT Courses in Montreal.

On Successful completion of course the candidate would get options to get the job as an analyst commuter system, system security analyst, software quality assurance analyst and many more attractive and exciting opportunities. Owing to the home to a large number of IT firms and industrial units, Montreal offers big job opportunities in these fields.

8. AEC in E-Commerce and Online Business Management:


This is, once again, a course that is well demanded and highly lucrative. In this era when literally each and every company, irrespective of its business, in on Online platform, these is always a requirement of a professional to manage and develop the portfolio of the company’s product or service line.

The duration of this course is 2 years and it offers all that skill and knowledge necessary to succeed in the highly competitive field. The course makes the students highly proficient in digital marketing strategy, social media management, successfully starting and running an online business through training on industry standard software and online platforms.

This course will assist the successful graduate to get a job in the capacity of a digital market strategist, social media manager, marketing director, E-commerce strategist, and many more. All of these jobs promise above average wages and excellent job conditions.

9. AEC in Computer Network Management:


This course is also in high demand due to the increasing requirement of skilled professional in the field of computer network. Hence, this program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in planning, administering, implementing, , supporting and securing networked computer systems and their users. It makes this among the top Ten IT Courses in Montreal.

Therefore, this program would assists candidate develop the network planning, administration implementation, and computer user support skills required to meet business organizations’ needs in these areas.

The job opportunities in this field are galore and are always above average. The compensation tends to increase with the experience and expertise in the field of operation.

10. AEC in Program Analyst:

This is a market driven program that is accredited by Ministry of Higher education, Quebec. This program is with a aim to prepare industry driven professionals in the field of programming. Hence, it is designed for students wishing to pursue a career in the development and updating of software applications.

The best part of this program is that it focuses on Microsoft Visual C #, .NET, UML, Microsoft Access ™, SQL Server, Microsoft Office ™, Microsoft Visio ™, Microsoft Project ™, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, CSS and PHP and Agiles .Moreover, students would learn the Java programming language, and get an introduction to CMS, AW, and programming for Android mobile devices.

On successful completion, the student would be offered the employment opportunities as Computer Programmer, Computer Analyst, Software Development Programmer and many more.

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