Top Reasons to choose Homestay Accommodation in Australia


As you receive your Australian student visa and enrolled in your chosen course, it is time to start thinking about your accommodation options. The country offers different types of accommodation options that include on-campus accommodation and private rentals. And, one more popular option for them is to arrange homestay accommodation in Australia.

Every year Australian Universities and colleges welcome thousands of international students from across the world. And, for most of these students, this may be their first international stay without their families. Therefore, the idea of living in a new country with new people and in an altogether new culture sometimes bothers these new students. Though, these international students have the option to live in university accommodation, choosing a homestay in Australia option may help them settle confidently in a new land.

Thus, homestay accommodation in Australia is an ideal way to kick-start start a new chapter of your life. It’s a great opportunity to live with a local family, experience the culture, and get to know the city you’ll be living in. This involves living with an Australian family in their home, which provides many advantages for international students. So, in this article, we would be sharing with you all about homestay in Australia options. Further, you would also come to know the benefits of homestay in Australia, how can you book your host, and what precautions you should take care of before finalizing your host in Australia.

What is Home Stay accommodation in Australia:


As per the Australian law “Homestay accommodation is when an international student lives with an approved local family, and is considered a member of the family for the duration of their stay”.

The good thing is that your host provides you with the best possible way to experience Australian culture and will help improve your English language skills.

Ensure these homestay families are carefully selected by universities and companies from the local community. And, most of these homestay families have been hosting international students for many years and they ensure safe and comfortable stays.

Why you should opt for Homestay accommodation in Australia:

As mentioned above, it is always good for new students to stay in homestay accommodation, especially during the first few weeks. Following are some of the reasons or advantages of selecting the homestay accommodation option.

Home away from Home:

It’s quite natural to feel homesick when you move to a new country, especially for the first time. Therefore, opting for a homestay when you first arrive in Australia means that you will not miss out on the comforts of home. And this provision will also ensure that you have time to get settled into your studies without the hassle of on-campus or rental accommodation. Provided you would prefer to live independently, you might go for homestay accommodation for your first few weeks in Australia. It would help you have time to settle into your new town and look for other accommodation options.

Safe and welcoming host families:


As the host families are finalized after due procedures it is always safe and secure to live with them. The host families offer more than rooms for rent; they offer a support system and authentic interest in welcoming a student to Australia. In fact, all hosts undergo training, background checks, in-home interviews, and home inspections by your University or your company. Additionally, the homestay hosts provide necessary orientation and help you learn local customs. They even assist the students to improve their English and encourage them to participate in activities.

An affordable option:

Homestay is an excellent way to get settled and start your study abroad program. This provision would give you the necessary confidence to move to independent accommodation or share housing once you’ve settled in. These host families have a range of meal packages to suit the different needs and budgets of the students. And, the plus point is that the accommodation, internet, and utilities are included in the cost, which would save you from extra expenses.

Improve your English language skills:

While staying with natives, you will get sufficient opportunity to practice your English both on and off campus, which means that you will become a more confident speaker. And you will find it easier to communicate with your teachers and classmates. You would even pick up some native words or phrases. The best part is that it would let you cope with the fluency and expression of native speakers.

Learn Australian Culture:

Staying with an Australian family is the best way to learn about Australian Culture. This may involve joining your host family on weekend trips, trying new foods, or even enjoying some sporting events. As the host family will have a lot of local knowledge that they can share with you, it will be of immense help to you. They would guide you on public transport in the city and on which destinations to visit during weekends. And, in return, you would be able to showcase your own culture and the life is like in your own country.

How to look for the right Homestay accommodation in Australia: Almost all the public and private universities in Australia are required to have an office assisting International students. These offices offer valuable services regarding accommodation including homestay. As these universities have their list of homestay families, it is always good to opt for them. Besides, there are also a good number of private companies offering homestay accommodation services to their clients.

Here is a list of the top homestay accommodation provider companies in Australia.


Precaution to be taken care of: While deciding which homestay accommodation will suit you just make your list and check out all the points.

  • Check the distance from your University
  • Check the distance from the place where you would pick up your transport
  • Check the terms and conditions of staying including extra charges if any
  • Check the type of meal they will serve you

In conclusion, it is said that homestay accommodation in Australia is a good option, especially for newcomer international students. It would let them learn the local culture, native places, and language proficiency very quickly. Before finalizing, students are required to exercise their discretion and do some research on their end.

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