Top Reasons to Study in UK


Studying abroad, specially in UK, has always been the most cherished dream of a student and its realization become the turning point in his/her life. Study in UK not only opens up newer job opportunities, but, overall exposure helps in developing a whole new broader prospective and progressive outlook. Those who are planning to be an international student need to give a look at the prospects UK universities offer. There are not just one but multitudes of reasons why a student should zero in on UK based educational institutions as the destination of higher studies.

Some of the top reasons to study in UK are as under

1- High Quality of Education

UK Higher education system is very much research-oriented. In order to regulate and monitor the research work, the existence of Quality assurance agency for higher studies education ensures quality research work. This makes these universities enjoy very high rank in the list of best universities of the world. Hence, there is no surprise when four universities of UK claim their rank in the top ten universities.

2- A land of diverse culture

Thanks to the progressive and liberal policies for the international students. It attracts lot more aspirants from all over the world come here for higher studies. This makes it a place where students from various ethnicity, culture and religions back ground rub their shoulders. This makes Britons quite tolerant to other culture and beliefs hence making it a safer place for the overseas students. Overseas students’ overall view regarding the safe atmosphere is quite positive.

3- Long history of teaching overseas Students

Since ages, the UK based universities have been the home to the brightest minds from the different countries. Even during the colonial era, the bright students from the British colonies used to come here for their higher studies. Since then, the Britons have developed a sense of welcoming the foreign students. Hence, it leaves a compelling effect on the feedback given by international students.


4- A wide variety of educational courses

When it comes to choosing an educational course, there is no dearth of courses, that are offered by the UK universities. For an overseas student, the choice in management. Engineering, humanities and Law are unlimited. Whereas, the university of Oxford and University of East London are the best for management courses, the top engineering courses are offered by University of Liverpool and University of Manchester. For the students of Law, University of Cambridge and Robert Gordon University, among others, are the best.

5- Top ranking universities

This country boost having a home to the four out of ten best universities of the world. The Universities of Oxford, Universities of Cambridge, Imperial College London and ULC rank among the top ten which speak itself about the quality of education provided in these institutes. As a student, he/she would be guided and mentored under some of the best teachers and professors in the world. It is not just these four universities that rank high, there are a huge number of educational institutes in and around London, those are of equally good reputed in the world.

6- Shorter Course Duration

Higher educational courses in UK are usually of shorter duration which allows quicker graduation degree and lesser tuition fee. Except Law Degree, most of their graduation level courses are of three years duration, whereas, the post graduate program is of one year. For example, the duration of BA (Hons) or BA Business Management is of 3 years and MBA or MA in HRM is of One year duration.


7- Interesting places to explore

While studying in UK, the overseas student get opportunities to acquaint themselves and explore the amazing tourist locations that would otherwise be difficult to visit. This land is dotted with serene and scenic locations with some of them having historic landmark. During the study period, weekends can easily be utilized to have a glimpse of these cosmopolitan cities, royal castles and countryside villages of Scotland which have their own unique beauty and characteristics.

8- Chance to Professionally Develop English Language

Britain is the cradle of English language. This is the place where it grew, developed and spread throughout the world hence becoming the largest spoken language of the world. This is also the language most of MNCs have adopted as their language of communication. Studying in UK based educational institutions gives, an overseas student, a big opportunity to gain proficiency in this language which may help in scaling the corporate ladder hence, enhancing their job prospects.

9- Work- Permit during study

While studying in UK, the overseas students can work 20 hours per week. They may also work full time during holidays. This provision allows students to earn a fair amount of money to fund their further studies and living expenses.

10- Easy Corporate placement

The universities of UK score very high in terms of quality of education. The world knows it well. And, the graduates from these universities get welcome and placement well in the business organizations around the world. A decision to study in these institutes ensures a high-flying corporate career. In fact, in the Q.S. Graduate employability ranking list these universities score very high.

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