Turfgrass Management Diploma and Golf Course Degree Program in Canada


In fact, turfgrass management course is a dynamic and growing sector across Canada and even throughout the world. Consequently, with the increasing use of turfs in sports arenas and entertainment complexes, the demand for the Turfgrass professionals have shot up exponentially. In fact, the graduates land to the jobs no sooner did they finish their Turfgrass management course.

To ensure the commitment and quality of professionals’ caliber, Canada Golf Superintendent Association and Federal pesticides certification department lay the rule and regulations. Thus, it has helped the fostering of experienced based knowledge.

Exciting and fulfilling career in Turfgrass management course:


So, for those who aspire an exciting and fulfilling career would surly love the Turfgrass management course and golf degree programs. Hence, the prospects these programs offer are far beyond the imagination of the young students.

This piece of writing would throw light on the details of the courses, their duration, trainings and job prospects. It will further discuss about the challenges and the work commitments required. And, at the end, there will be the list of the colleges and universities that offer these educational programs.

Turfgrass Management Course Diploma:


This is a two yearlong post secondary diploma. With this Turfgrass management diploma the student can grow their exiting career in the turf grass industry. The program covers renovation, irrigation, design, construction and water management of turf course.

Further, the program would help you in getting hands on learning by creating bunker and irrigation construction at the state of the art campus. The facilities in campus include computer control green house, living lab and 12,000 square feet landscape pavilion

Work-Integrated Learning:

Thus, as part of the Turfgrass Management diploma program, the student will complete three Field Schools (six months in total). In addition to that there will be three paid internships (six months in total). Therefore, it aims to put their skills and knowledge in practice, while gaining valuable hands-on work experience in the Turfgrass industry.


Another advantage, on completion of this diploma, graduates have the opportunity to earn Federal Pesticide Assistant Certification. Likewise, the best part is that Graduates are also eligible for membership in the Alberta Golf Superintendents Association (AGSA).

Career Opportunities in Turfgrass management course:


In the same way, the Colleges have great reputation for working with employers in the industry. It directly helps into jobs for the graduates. Some of the career opportunities are:

  • Superintendent at a smaller operation/property
  • Second assistant at a larger operation/property
  • Foreman in a municipality
  • Foreman in a Parks and Recreation operation/property

In the words of Grant Cantin, an alumnae of the year 2000 and presently the head groundsman at Wimbledon “Turf Management is a science nowadays, and a lot more goes into it than people think. An education is the first stepping stone to becoming involved in a turf career. My Olds College experience was great, it got the ball rolling in my golf career and now has lead me to Wimbledon, the pinnacle for sports turf. Everyone knows what Wimbledon is and the rich history it holds. I never thought I would end up in tennis but Olds College and golf got me started.”

Bachelor of applied Science- Golf course management : ( 2+2 years)


Here is an opportunity to obtain the highest level credential in the golf course industry. And, it is with the Bachelor of Applied Science – Golf Course Management. Having completed the Turfgrass Management diploma (2 years Course), the student would be spending the additional two years. The next 2 year will dedicate to honing the skills and techniques needed for managing a golf course’s complex ecosystem.

Interestingly, the curriculum focuses on business, applied science and advanced technical training. Further, it is taught by industry professionals who have worked as superintendents. The course will prepare the student for an exciting career in environmental and operational management.

Work-Integrated Learning:

Similarly, the fourth year student of the Bachelor of Applied Science – Golf Course Management program would complete an eight-month Directed Field Study. There, they will gain valuable hands-on experience in a mentored workplace setting.

Career Opportunities in Golf course management program:


The Colleges have good reputation working with employers in the industry. Consequently, it facilitates translates into jobs for the graduates. Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Landscape firms
  • Contracting for landscape services
  • Grounds maintenance services

In the words of Dustin Zdan, who superintendent, Connaught Golf club is. “The program is structured differently so that students work through the entire golf season; this is a benefit to both the student and the golf courses. The students will now be working and learning in October when the courses are put to bed. We are happy to be student mentors. There is a shortage of skilled professionals in our industry and golf courses scramble to grab graduates from Olds College. The programs are filled with options and will definitely help propel a student’s career.”

Hence, International students should note that this program require a Co-op permit, a study permit and a social number for these programs.

Top five Colleges/ universities offering Turfgrass management course in Canada:

In conclusion, if you are planning to study in Canada as an international student, you may pursue this rewarding education programs from Old College. For more information and guidance, you may contact us by logging in at www.cosmoconsultants.in

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