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Are you looking for the best IELTS coaching institute in Bareilly? Then, your search ends here. With more than 12 years of IELTS and Study Visa experience, Cosmo Consultants is the best IELTS Coaching institute in Bareilly. So this article will give you a brief insight on what the IELTS test is and why Cosmo consultants is the best IELTS coach institute in Bareilly as well as in Northern India.

Actually, those who plan to study abroad in English speaking countries should clear language proficiency test. Likewise, the similar requirement is also necessary for those who have their direct migration goals. In both the cases, scoring the required marks is mandatory. In fact, this is the primary requirement to start your study abroad voyage.

What is IELTS?


Generally, there are two popular exams an international student can opt for- PTE or IELTS. Among these two, IELTS is more popular and widely acceptable. Almost all the English speaking countries accepts IELTS score.

So, IELTS or International English Language System is a test of English language proficiency conducted by an international organization IDP. This organization has large number of test centre around the globe where the IELTS test takes place every month. Please check IELTS Calendar 2023.

This test checks the proficiency of English language on all the four major parameters namely Listening, Speaking, Writing and reading. Each module has maximum nine (09) bands out of which a study abroad aspirant need to score minimum six(06) band each for the under graduate course and minimum 6.5 Overall bands ( With not less than 6 ) for post graduate course. Know more about IELTS test.

Why Cosmo Consultants is the best IELTS coaching Institute in Bareilly:


Bareilly is an educational hub where number of coaching institutes Including IELTS coaching; cater to large number of students from Bareilly as well as nearby towns like, Pilibhit, Shahjahanpur, Sitapur, and Badaun. Bareilly’s proximity to the Tarai areas and towns like Lakhimpur, Puranpur, Powayan, also gives it an opportunity to offer IELTS coaching facilities to the Study abroad aspirants.

Despite a good number of IELTS coaching institutes in Bareilly, Cosmo Consultants has been the best IELTS Coaching institute since 2010. Here are some of the reasons that make it the best IELTS Coaching Institute in Bareilly as well as in nearby towns.

Delivers Best Results in the town:


Undoubtedly, Cosmo delivers the best IELTS result week after week. A team of expert counselors first reviews the students’ level of education and accordingly provide guidance and support. This helps us to understand the coaching requirement of student and help us to deliver the best result.

Separate Classes as per the level of the Student:

What makes Cosmo so unique is that they provide separate classes as per the level of the student. After orientation, student starts with grade two (grade 2) where the basics are cleared and one to one support is provided. And, as the student performance improves, the student is promoted in the next grade. Hence, student goes from grade two to grade three and then to grade four before appearing for the test. In this way, student learns and masters all the four modules and is ready to attempt the test confidently.

State of the Art Infrastructure:

One more reason to be the best IELTS Coaching Institute in Bareilly, is Cosmo’s state of the art infrastructure where the students are provide all sort of facilities like smart class rooms, presentation through projectors, AC classes , and much more. This all helps the students to prepare for the test in comfortable and stress free ambiance.

Well trained and highly experienced faculties:


The faculties in this institute are highly experienced and well trained. Almost all the faculties have wide experience of IELTS teaching and know for constantly delivering the best result. The faculty monitors the performance of each student and offer the necessary support if needed.

Extra classes for Grammar and Vocabulary building:

Everyone knows that in order to score higher bands in IELTS, specific vocabulary and proper use of grammar is necessary. We also know that some students do face some problem, when it comes to grammar uses. So, to support and guide those students, Cosmo always provides extra classes to its students.

One to One speaking Session:

This is one more strong reason that makes Cosmo the best IELTS coaching institute in Bareilly. Every day at Cosmo, each IELTS student attend one to one Speaking session with our expert faculty. Moreover, every speaking session takes place in the exam environment. Thus, it helps student to prepare better and learn to be confidant and fluent.

Up to date Study Material:


When you study at Cosmo, you would be getting to study only the up to date study material. Every month, new topics are added. Be it your cue card or writing topics every time you will be provided the latest study material. Therefore, students at Cosmo Consultants always study the latest and updated topics.

Double classes for listening and reading

Cosmo always support its students by going extra mile. For that, every day students get double classes for reading and listening module. This double dose of two modules provides ample support to students in scoring higher bands in their test.

Free Online study material


When you enroll at Cosmo, apart from your regular study material, you also get access to its online study material. Through its website Cosmo Consultants provides very updated and elaborate study material. Thus, students will not have to spend their time and energy to look for the relevant study material here and there.

Weekly Tests

Every study or weekend at Cosmo Consultants is the mock test day. Here, students are given the test in the exam like conditions. The test simulation make students’ exam ready as every week they are evaluated based on their test performance. Additionally, it is a good time to check the areas where you need to work hard.

Nearby Hostel Facilities:

Cosmo Consultants is located at the prime location of Bareilly. Situated near DD Puram on Stadium road, it is very accessible from road. The numbers of hostels are available near Cosmo Consultants in the neighborhoods of Modal Town and Rajendra Nagar. Apart from this there is a free Van facility to the girls’ students from their hostel to Cosmo Coaching, who live in these hostels.

Optional Counseling regarding Course and College


As IELTS test is just one of the requirements for applying to study abroad colleges, Student do need the guidance and support on the type of course that would be available to them. Therefore, at Cosmo Consultants, the student may get to know the course and college most suitable for them

About Cosmo Consultants

Cosmo Consultants is the leading brand in overseas education by offering counseling and IELTS training to study abroad aspirants. We have more than 12 years of experience in this field. Apart from Bareilly (Corporate Office), Cosmo Consultants has a very strong presence in Gwalior (MP), Lakhimpur (UP), Ratia (Haryana) and Bazpur (Uttrakhand) through our offices and coaching centers.

To sum up, Cosmo Consultants poised as the best IELTS coaching institute of Bareilly, for, Cosmo Consultants management is committed to providing the best support to deliver the best results.

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